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drugs make you stupid music makes you smarter depending on what you here.music gives you an edge drugs make you a crimminal. :)
just let go like a realese of bliss,when i play my keyboard i just play and make up stuff naturaly and i come up with some great notes,some of you try to copy others thats ok,some of you try to be better than others thats just you.i play for my own i\'m not good but neither bad i\'m just unaware how good i can become.
a place located in space solitary but theres plenty of fun,only those who are unistic and alienated can enter.
Political and Social Discussions / america good or evil?
February 09, 2006, 10:36:40 pm
i love america but americans i\'m not sure.americans only care about the money greed,ignorance,power,think of what our leaders do all this bird flu could be made by them it\'s only an upgrade you have to be aware and just think many ways it all feels suspicious i love america but only the places trees scenes the ocean but americans need to grow up we need realize this world we live in our life is in there hands they can get rid of us any way they can be plots or attacks there is no good leader today i feel behind that bush face is a man disguised as an alien.
General Discussion / happy birthday dragonson
May 01, 2006, 09:58:33 pm
may 2
Death Cube K-Dungeon of Doom
Cobra Strike-The Final Scroll
Buckethead-Robot Mechanic
Buckethead-Christmas Massacre
Buckethead-Moon Field
Buckethead-Ed\'s Anatomy Farm
i enjoyed the big eye ball in the sky,it\'s jammy and moveable,bernie worrell is amazing a circus freak,brain is a head basher,claypool a modern western cowboy,buckethead a galactic  odyssey.
i love the whole album i gave it 5 stars.
Here are some other cd\'s i have

Steve Vai-passion and warfare
Steve Vai-flex-able left overs
Rocky 4 soundtrack
Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
Sausage-Riddles Are Abound Tonight
Tom Waits-Real Gone
Material-Hallucination engine
Material-Seven Souls
Bill Laswell-City of Light
Bill Laswell-Imaginary Cuba
Hakim Bey- T.A.Z.
Bill Laswell-Bass Terror
John Zorn-I.A.O.
Incubus-Morning View (signed By The Band)
and of course my own made stuff
Audioland-Far Away Mind Trip
Audioland-Bleeding Green
Audioland-The Time Clock
Audioland-Red Dreams

and my extended buckethead collection
does anyone know how old buckethead is?
Re: You Should Work With Buckethead
yeah, i know buckethead...of course i would work with him.  i\'m glad you think i should.  if you ever see him, tell him to holla at a real og..bzd.  thanks!
i think travis you should have more cd\'s available here from buckethead that way you make more money thats just my opinion to boost up your store.
travis what equipment do i need to record my tracks?whats the process to get this done?
man you guys have no idea how crazy this show was,included some kick ass surprises,such serj tankian shana halligan,efrem from death by stereo,kid beyond boxbeat machine,bass nectar,godzilla,giant robot,naked chicks just kiding,the solo on nottingham lace was just bursting with flames,buckethead gave me a toy co\'s i took a bucket like i went for bucket teats i got a legolas lord of rings toy :),i gave him a rooster lady book,i had a shirt i made for him with a permanent marker,it\'s real cool he would have liked it but i missed him after the show i tried to take a picture but he left,oh well.
bucketbots gather your thoughts and write something for buckethead here hopefully he will read it someday.
travis will you have it available here,i\'m so excited very muchly,whats next Another Death Cube K,Cobra Strike 3,Bucketheadland 3. :)
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Audioland?
March 19, 2006, 12:08:08 am
what is audioland you may or not ask,i call myself this on my wannabe muscian ***,but atleast i can play a little keyboard,i\'ve recorded through sounwave 7 cd\'s already,my new cd i finished yersterday i titled it The Toy Factory,i\'m not proffesional but boy i can make fun out of sounds,you bucketbots i\'m sure have talent we all do,i think i should expose my music because it\'s realy fun and at times it\'s realy good,i\'m addicted to making music now,audioland came up when i saw the inside of a stereo and i said how about a theme park inside a stereo device,i mostly title my tracks from candy factories to alley cat crime and dog detectives.
2.shin terai-unison
5.Bucket of bernie brain\'s-the big eye ball in the sky
i wanna know what you guys think of cornbugs whats your favorite songs.
i sended an email to zuma dogg telling him he should work with buckethead,he replied tell him to call me,i don\'t know if you guys know who zuma dogg is but he\'s real cool he has a public access show he raps,he\'s funny i think buckethead and zuma dogg would make a good team.
i just ordered today a copy of pieces-i need 5 minutes alone,what can i expect from this recording?is it good?whats it like?any flaws?