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Topics - zappahead

if i\'m reading it correctly, travis has 665 posts.
that\'d be neat if he came here to post the 666th, maybe he will get medieval on our asses, lol.

love ya travis, take your well deserved 5 minutes and loath in the wake, whatever that means.  ;D
supposedly someone got a copy of a cd called chicken pluckers, and it was sent as a part of the 200th set and 14th cd of insearchofthe. it was labled as:

Vol. 0

WOW, where\'s mine??  :D

any info Travis??
gonna be back-up soon?? i\'m twitching from withdraws, anyone message saul??
yes, i finally got some means to buy them off, my band played saturday night, we went off the door and made about $300, so split up 4 ways, thats not bad (used to getting at least $100 each, a gig) since my b-day is wednesday, it\'ll be a great present to myself

 ;D 8)
as on actual setlist

gory head stump
toy store
post office
h mansion
computer master
speed metal
new song

4 mom intro
stick pit
crash test
e song
turbine (rage)
crash test
cuckoo clocks
frozen brains

i don\'t know too many artists as cool as Travis. name another board where your in close contact with not only the musician that writes the music, but the man that pretty much runs everything, WOW. so i say we respect Travis and not turn topics into fights, yeah everyone has an opinion, but, when u start telling people not to post things or telling them pretty much what to post, that kinda takes a toll on the board and the moderator, i\'m sure. so like travis says, if u don\'t like a post just don\'t respond instead of bashing it.

p.s. i peronally like the top 10 questions, and so on. it gives me time to think about stuff, and take my mind off  this crazy world we live in.
man this is a hard question, i only have a portion of buckets material, some praxis, c2b3, no thanatopsis yet (sorry travis), and thanx to the sweet  downloading system on hard to find buckethead albums, but i still need bucketheadland darnit, i guess i\'ll just have to shell out the ca$h. here\'s a freestyle version of my top 10, try not to think about too much, really for me it could change tommorrow.

10. Electric Tears (u know he\'s got it in \'em)
10. Last Action Hero Score (only 2 trax but sweet)
9. Monsters & Robots (my first buckethead cd, in \'99)
8. Cobra Strike II
7. Day of the Robot (sweet when ur ready for it, 4:20)
6. Colma (sweet)
5. C2B3-10.26.04 Marquee Theatre (
4. Population Override (bh at his smoothest w/ travis 8))
3. Kaleidoscalp (WOW)
2. Island of Lost Minds (WOW)
1. Inbred Mountain (WOW)

honorable mention: The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell (one rippin\' album)

let me know what u all think, even travis
how many did they print??? i have the download of one of the funnest parts of bucketheadland, i was just shocked to see it on e-bay. it\'s up to $145.50 with 20 hours left, WOW. it\'s about to top inbred mountain. that\'d be weird what if the island of lost minds was on top of inbred mountain, looking over the rest of the park, whoa

p.s. can\'t wait for that devil dub reprint travis