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Buckethead Show Confirmed: April 18, 2016 in Columbia, Mo!

Right in my home town. Thank you, Buckethead.
Pike 185 "22 Days Til Halloween: I Got This Costume From The Sears Catalog"
Hi, my band's debut CD just came out. It's not Buckethead/Shred but it's Rock & Roll. Check it out if you have a minute.

Check out Bill Laswell's rig as used last Sunday in NYC at the Bladerunner show. I can attest, this rig sounds killer!!!! Monster wall of sound.
Anybody else pick up the new Art Metal CD by Jonas Hellborg. Amazing!!!!
... fucking awesome; mellow but not boring or predictable.
The opening band was called "It" and they are from St. Louis. It was just a drummer and guitarist playing along with a laptop. They sounded like 1/2 of Franz Ferdinand; kinda dancy, lots of screaming from the drummer. It was okay, but nothing I'd go buy or look up.

The venue is bad ass. Pretty much an art gallery. It was hot as a mofo in there though. When I walked in a dude asked me if I thought Bucket was Paul Gilbert and I said I didn't know. He said, "We'll find out tonight.", and I said "How?", and he said,. "I'm going to yell, 'Hey Paul!', and see if he turns and looks." --I never heard anybody yell though. Buckethead's roadie hit the stage at 10:00 and turned on the ENGL amp and got everything ready to go. By the way, why does the roadie dude where a surgical mask like a Chinese citizen?

About 10:10 the sound system started playing audio from the video game Galaga. Buckethead took the stage about 10:15 or so. He broke a string pretty early on and switched to a back-up guitar. I think this caused a few problems because he was out of tune a couple times during the night. The song selection was pretty much the same as I've seen him perform before. I don't know the titles but somebody will probably post a setlist. He let the people in the front row work the kill switch on one tune, which was cool.

Bucket did the usual toy exchange and break dance portion of the show. His mask was kind of cool. The eyes had a thin veil or something over them so you couldn't even see his eyes. Somebody brought a shit-ton of KFC buckets so several in the crowd were wearing them. During the toy exchange Bucket added two of the buckets to his own bucket. The show ended about 11:30 with no encore. I was kind of surprised because the room was still packed to the gills when he quit and everybody was chanting "Buck-et-head!" for him to come back out. All in all, it was what I expected to see. I had hoped to hear and see something different than the last couple times but it was not to be.

The merch table had all six of the Buckethead Pikes releases and Electric Tears. No limited, or special stuff.

Still, it was worth the time and money it took to see the show. NOBODY SHREDS A GUITAR LIKE BUCKETHEAD.
... this CD is bad ass!!!!!
Please check these two songs I just recorded this past winter. Just made some quick videos and put them on youtube.


My Tribute to Buckethead, 5-11-2006: http://dewclawmedia.com/music/jap-2.mp3
A short video of clips I took in October of 2008 while touring Alcatraz. The Blue Angels were practicing for Fleet Week . The music is an excerpt from Buckethead\'s \'Jabbar on Alcatrazz Avenue\' on the Bermuda Triangle album.

Has this video already been discussed? I think MTV needs to put this on the AM rotation ASAP.

Is this the logest "quiet" streak from Buckethead or what?

What could he be doing?

Working on a 23 disc set

Planning a world tour
Last night I saw Luther from the North Mississippi Allstars use the kill switch technique that Buckethead likes. He didn\'t have the kill switch but used the pickup selector on a Les Paul. Sounded great.
Anybody have any individual copies of ISOT to get rid of?

I bought Vols. 1, 2, 12, and 13 when they came out so now I only have a partial set. I\'d love to fill out this set.

Bansheebot is influended by Slayer/Maiden/Malmsteen+ with no lyrics

Noodle is inspired by R2D2 playing avant garde

Cyborg is a mix between the two