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Hi All
So, What is the greatest album of all time?
I live in the uk and every year channel 4 hosts what they call \'The greatest album of all time \' (TOP 100) apparently as voted for by c4 viewers.
I do watch this show every year and I am always left bewildered and amazed at the choice of albums that make it into the top 100.
I must say that it is not really the choice of albums that annoys me but the fact that the poll seems to be dictated by fashion. Magazines like NME and Q (do you have those in the US?) seem to be doing most of the dictating deciding that on one day a particular band is COOL and then the next day they aren\'t and, of course, the majority of people who read the magazines unwittingly follow.
Does \'fashion\' belong in the music industry at all?
Hi vince
I am a guitarist from stratford upon avon in the uk and I have recently recorded an arrangement of your amazing training montage with the help of my producer brother.
We would love you to hear our arrangement of your music and if you contact me at or visit my site at // I can send you the music as a file
Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon