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General Discussion / Secret recipe DVD question!!!
September 16, 2010, 02:27:25 am
Does anyone know what movie is playing behind buckethead when he is playing "scraps" at that club that has a red and dark background? I think they(santas) bring him in, in a coffin before he plays. Ya know, the movie showing that has the guy with multiple arms sticking out of his elongated rib cage that is split open? I\'m curious!!!! ;D
General Discussion / Ever heard of, Steve Morse?
November 26, 2010, 10:55:39 pm
General Discussion / Any dog lovers on tdrs?
November 28, 2010, 05:07:05 am
If you are a dog lover and have compassion for animals I would like to recommend a site to go to and possibly donate a buck or 2. It\'s Vila lobos Pitbull rescue as seen on animal planet. I have personally donated quite a bit and am planning on buying merchandise to help support them. I can really relate with pitbulls: being outcasted, misunderstood, stigmatized and shit on. It\'s a terrible burden... and for them a horrible reality. The abuse...neglect and pain is hard to really fathom.  


I hope y\'all don\'t consider this spam. I just have a big heart and am spreading the word. As I do when I gab on about buckethead to strangers every week lol!
General Discussion / Anyone else annoyed?
September 23, 2010, 05:39:36 pm
I won\'t say any names... But there is a certain artist lurking around here that severly copied buckethead... I\'m not saying this individual is not talented nor am I jealous--I own my own business and make well over 100k a year--. But I think it\'s good to see Big-B inspire people. But when they emulate him in 70% of their style, it is very annoying IMHO.... Thoughts anyone?
General Discussion / Picture uploading to tdrs forum
September 13, 2010, 12:46:55 pm
I have only PNG formatted pics and cannot upload them to my profile here. I have a awesome picture of my little princess(my pitbull) wearing a bucket on her head and cannot get it on here for the life of me. Little help please?
comments, complaints, complements, beheadings, slunk mutilation, concerns, taxidermy lessons and thoughts for/on the contest can be posted here  ;)
Creepy/heavy/scary buckethead style song contest -

I\'m happy with the turn out and the song quality by everyone :).

So, enjoy the music made by your fellow bots and binge on a wedge you like with a vote! Just post a comment with user name ya dig.

Voting will end on March 4th.


1st - $120.00

2nd - $60.00

Proceeds will be for TDRS Store purchases only.  
Ok so badger, wizard and I want to do a horror themed song contest in the spirit of buckethead. Track 6 off the new LE is a good referance or the cuckoo clocks of hell feeling is what we are shooting for. Also, badger noted that having a visual of the players playing is more desirable and fun. So we will go that route but I will allow as of now any form of video submission as long as it\'s posted to YouTube... So far we have $180.00 in the prize pool from badger, wizard and I. The prize fund will and only go twards purchases from TDRS.

Rules: Horror/creepy buckethead style song atleast 4 mins long and can exceed that time limit however much u want.

Limited to 17 contestants. That includes wizard beard and me so we need 15 more. If you don\'t like that fact that wizard and I are contending...then don\'t sign up!

 EDIT: if at least 12 people don\'t sign up ( besides wizard and I ) by the end of the first week of January I have to cancel the contest due to lack of interest. 14 contestants is the minimum amount of people needed for the contest to take place. SIGN UP IF YA WANT IN, THE MORE THE BETTER!

Video must be posted on YouTube.

Anyone can join except for one person...due to two consecutive no shows in the past contests.

Contest kick off will be mid February around the 15th.

No limits on the instruments used. You can bring any instrument combination to the table!

Just post \'I\'m in\' and I\'ll sign you up!

And yes, everyone will be able to vote.

I will be paying out 2 spots. 1st gets $120.00 and second will get $60.00 in TDRS store purchases. The payout is still up for suggestions. PM me if ya have any suggestions in that regard.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / This sucks
January 20, 2011, 02:16:35 am
Can\'t believe people do this... I just googled \'buckethead Rochester ny\' to see if he ever played in my town and this came up on the bottom of the page. I think it\'s really unfair and stealing from artists should be a fineable offense. Yes, I removed the link.
http://bellamusicfest.com/bands/  <--- just give that link a click and see.
Sup bots! I want to do another contest in march and I dunno how I want to do the next one... I don\'t want suggestions on the voting process. I just want to know what the whole community here would like to see myself and the other contestants do. Needs to be related to buckethead\'s style of-course.

Also, I\'m looking for people to contribute to the next one and hopefully have a 25 person field. Potential contributors need to pm me in that regard and your names will be included in the official contest thread. I will not be accepting money till 2 weeks prior to the contest. I myself will contribute $60.00 twards the up-comming contest.

Ok so bunghole30, petesbloodyhand and boxenstein\'s videos have all been stripped from YouTube. Anyone know what\'s going on? Box had some awesome buckethead concert footage that I was enjoying and now it\'s gone...
Ok, contest no.2 is underway! Post your videos to this thread. All need to be posted by Tuesday night midnight eastern standard time.

Contest rules:
Shred to any bucket, thanatopsis, praxis or one of your own backing-tracks or songs. Needs to exceed 2 mins.

Anyone can vote. Voting starts December 8th and ends on the 10th.
Just simply post the name of the player you like with a reply.

Winner gets a shirt or 2 single CDs.

Sorry we are short. I will be having a complete buckethead song contest again next march. A big one... $125 dollar contest with the possibility of having 14+ spots open... If anyone else wants to pich-in let me know.

This contest is something fun to do in the meantime.
Hey, fellow bots -

So I\'ve decide to throw another contest. This one is much easier than the last one...

All ya gotta do is shred, improv or write a solo to any buckethead track, praxis track, thanatopsis track or one of your own. The shred session needs to be atleast 2 mins long(after that it can end whenever) and NEEDS to reflect buckethead\'s style. It can start off slow and then go crazy or crazy then slow or just crazy. Pretty simple. It needs to be a actual video of you playing, no recorded tracks behind pictures. We need to see the shred in motion. A YouTube video aswell.

This contest is limited to 6 people including myself because first place is gonna be  2 CDs or a shirt of your choice from the tdrs store. I was gonna buy myself 2 CDs (I already have all the shirts) but decided to use my purchase as a prize for myself or another contestant.

First 5 people to post "I\'m in" are the contestants. Contest will start in 1 week from today (next Saturday) and will end the following Tuesday in the evening.

In this one anyone will be able to vote. Feel free to post your thoughts to this thread.
If you have to post comments, suggestions or whatever else you want related to the contest. Please do it here and leave the other thread for our contestants and voters!  ;D

Thank you!
Hi all!
I happy to announce our contest kick off! I know I\'m a little early, but I\'m gonna have a crazy Monday and will not be able to tend to this then...

Contestants rules:
Song - buckethead style under 3 mins and 30 seconds and no shorter than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Only accompaniment may be percussion based instruments or a metronome. Videos need to be posted by Monday the 15th 11:59pm eastern standard time.

you may only vote if you have atleast a 3 star rating, meaning full member status or better. Your vote will not count if you have a 2 star rating or lower...

Voting: just type the user name that you like the best out of the group. Just the name, I cannot stress this enough. If you want to comment on their music. Do it on their YouTube video, in the comments section. Voting will end Thursday night at midnight.


If we are short a contestant, I will post a video late Monday night to make up for the empty space.

The winner will recive a $110.00 shopping spree here at tdrs courtesy of badgerbot and myself. What ever the winner doesn\'t spend will be donated directly to buckethead, if I win(if we are short a contestant), the full amount will be donated to buckethead. I will tally up the votes on this coming Thursday and announce a winner Friday. I hope the guidelines are not too convoluted for everyone...

Ok so I had a killer week at my business and want to share the wealth a bit.

Contest Outline: compose a buckethead style song no shorter than 2 mins and 30 seconds. And no longer than 3mins 30 seconds. Your only accompaniment can be drums or a metronome.
It can either be soft like colma or brutal like bucketheadland 2. Doesn\'t matter, as-long as it reflects buckethead\'s style.

Prize: first place gets a $100.00 purchase including shipping to anything you want from the TDRS store paid by me and badgerbot. :)

The first 13 people to post here are gonna be the entries, including me. So I\'m looking for 12 more people that want to compete. Post your video to YouTube and then post a link here to the website under a new post I\'ll create in 2 weeks time. So you got 2 weeks to hammer it out starting next Monday.

The people that didn\'t make the cut or don\'t play guitar will be the judges. I\'ll set up the proper thread for voting.