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Some sorta election thing, buncha crazy talk, I'd choose Rocky
So I decided to look over some old CDs today and I noticed that the album booklet for Monsters and Robots CD mentions a track 13 multiple times, but on the back of the case it only goes to track 12, Nun Chuka Kata, and my computer only goes to that. Is there some hidden track 13? Or a misprint?
Political and Social Discussions / Oil Spill
June 03, 2010, 09:04:48 pm
More of an oil leak actually, all over the news. It is just awfull. BP is handling it pretty badly. I\'m not to impressed with Obama on this topic either.  >:(Solutions? Got someone to blame? this is pretty important stuff I think they have a new "solution" but I\'ve followed the story pretty loosly. :-/
Hey Travis, I certainly don\'t want to be a bother, but I was wondering when some of the Buckethead t shirts would be back in stock in different sizes particularly in size L
As you may or may not know, Primus is the coolest band ever  ;D and are now having a Summer tour.... and maybe a new album?

look up this Gogol Bordello stuff they have a new album thats very cool
I don\'t know how many people have seen (or I guess heard) this audio, I recently found just about an entire concert of the Deli Creeps (audio only, along with pictures of course) performing songs from their "new" album at the \'05 10,000 Lakes Festival in Detroit. It was put up on the youtube by this bunghole30 guy, he seems to be a big Creeps fan. How about some mp3\'s or a live EP, make a deal with this guy (probubly not but what the heck) the sound qualitiy\'s great! ;D

You can find these easy on the youtube, Check it out ;D

PS : if this is old news to everybody my bad 8)