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QuoteAnother massive mailing today.  Both domestic and international. Again we were just broad-sided by the demand. It\'s not just getting the mailing together, the demand outstripped the supply well before we could just get the pre-orders out. If your wondering where the hell is my pre-order set, you will probably see it in the next few days.  We still need one more blast to get us up to date and that should happen by mid-week. I appreciate everyones understanding about the time this project is taking to distribute. If you ordered after the 21st  you are probably looking at another week before yours is ready to ship. Again I offer anyone who can\'t wait a refund on their purchase, but if your willing to wait a bit we will get this to you as soon a humanly possible.  I\'ll keep you updated in this thread.

So, if we ordered on the twenty first, we should be getting them soon? I don\'t mind the waiting..well, yeah, I do, but in the end, I know it\'ll all be worth it. :) Thanks again Travis, you\'re doing a hell of a job. :)
Well, being as I ordered mine on the last day of pre-orders, I shall patiently be awaiting it, and the few other things I ordered.

Thanks alot Travis, for all the hard work you\'re putting in with this project. I\'m really looking forward to listening to this set.
3 by the weekend.