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I want another Chicken Noodle album, this one more like the first with really mellow, rambling, noodle-filled tracks.  Nothing calms me like the first one.
 My computer died and my only access to the internet right now is my nook.  It does not play itunes so far as I can tell, so until the physical cd release, youtube is the only way I can hear Cement Balloon.  For me, I can't imagine being satisfied with a youtube version of the album and will buy the cd as soon as I can.  Of course, I am not even satisfied with digital versions of albums and always want the actual cd.
I don\'t have a problem with trying to prevent piracy, but SOPA does so in a heavy handed and clumsy way.  It is more about controlling the internet than it is about piracy.  SOPA would have potentially devastating effects on the ability to freely pass information on the internet.  Fore example, d you really want the government deciding what sites are allowed to appear in an internet search?  SOPA is a terrible, terrible peice of legislation and deserves to fail miserably.  It is just like the government to identify a problem and then come up with a terrible way to deal with it (see the "war on drugs" for another great example of this).
Track 1 and Track 2.

Seriously, cool contest but I will be buying my own.  Some great guesses out there.  I really like undercurrent.  
^^^^Yeah, I just rip it to iTunes and then put the CDs away to protect them.  
Thanks for the update Travis.  
Ummm...what is this?  I see nothing that has this name.
Looking at those photos, I actually have Binge VII.
I have one of them, I think Binge VI maybe.  It is a VHS tape and has some videos of very dubious quality on it.
Happy Birthday Travis!   ;D

I am really excited to hear this.

Thanks Travis!  
QuoteI would feel better actually having them in hand before I sell them here. If they show before monday I\'ll put them on the store.  Same price as Perceval, $7.00.
I gotta say, I like this one, it\'s a crazy ride. They were both having a lot of fun, you can hear it.

Sounds great.  Thanks for the reply.   ;D

Any idea when we can preorder or are we just going to have to wait until you actually get the cds?

Get it now and then buy the CD when it comes out.  This is one of his best albums in years and IMO is better than IA.  Very crazy and yet very cohesive.  This one definitely has the feel of a Bucketheadland ride.   ;D
I can\'t believe he came out to Night of the Slunks...I kid, I kid.  

Great find and thanks for sharing.