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Congrats Travis - your music continues to be one of my all time favorites.  I hope to see a new CD with your name on in the near future.  Have a great summer!
Travis - how do we acquire a lossless version of this album?
QuoteI would like to see a whole Buckethead/Travis tour, not just one show.  That would be awesome!

Me too, but Travis has stated that is highly unlikely.
QuoteThanks. Yes I\'m working on several things at once. I hope to have something out not too long from now.

Music to my ears - can\'t wait to hear what you got cooked up!!!  Thanks for the update!

One of these days you got a do a live show with BH.  Just do it some place convenient for both of you, but give fans several months notice so we can book flights and hotels to make it.  Make it on Saturday night so people can travel from far away.  You can play stuff from all your great discs Population Override, all the Thantopsis stuff, Chicken Noodles I and II, Iconography, Dragons of Eden, Running After Dear, ...etc.  You could video and tape record the live show and sell a DVD and CD of the show.  I bet it would be a special night for fans and musicians that would also be very profitable for you all.
Hey Travis -

As I have said numerous times - I\'m a huge fan of yours.  Iconography was awesome!  Will you be releasing any Cds in 2010?  Anything in the pipeline?  I\'m still waiting for BH and Travis live show.  Any chance of that in 2010?

I hope your well and I can\'t wait to see some new stuff from yeah!

Quoteuse this mozy

Thanks - I\'ll check it out.
Using my PC, I could play all 5 Cds at once just by using 5 different music players like Musicmatch, Winamp, Windows media player, Itunes, and foobar.  I guess that would do the trick?
How do you mix the Monolith CDs - I\'m curious to check that out.
Travis I am loving the disc!!!

I assume you met Alix through Viggo?  
Happy Birthday Travis!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: New CD
July 29, 2008, 03:38:44 am
The Sample is AMAZING!!!  I\'m really pumped for this CD!
QuoteCream, the Allman Brothers live at the Fillmore, Miles Davis. I guess I\'m a Jam Band fan. Have I dated myself yet?

Oh, Thanatopsis is a jam band.

I\'d KILL TO SEE Thanatopsis jam out live!  Wholly shiz bot that would be so cool!!!

Serious question for Travis - What can I do to help enable a live performance by you and BH together with a drummer playing tunes by Thanatopsis, Population Override, and both Chicken Noodles albums?

Love the jam bands!!!  Garaj Mahal, Galactic, Soulive - so many good ones - plus I fee like afrobeat is like jam bands - Fela Kuti, antibalas  ... etc.  SO MUCH FUN LIVE!!!!
Quotehey there everyone. i just went to the site buckethead-coop to download the giant robot ntt and i\'m having problems. when i try the mp3 download it goes to windows media player, and then goes on to say that they cannot connect to the server. and nothing else happens. i seem to be able to download the .flac version but then cannot play it. can anyone help me with a way to play the flac file. or better yet to convert it to mp3 so i can put it on my player. i have a 4gb mp3 player that is completely full of mp3 buckethead. all i do is hit shuffle. i pretty much, almost exclusively listen to buckethead.
anyways, can anyone help?

When you go to the buckethead-coop - don\'t click on the word "mp3" right click on each on then select "save link as"

Download winamp to play FLAC files or Foobar 2000 - they are both freeware.

Converting FLAC to MP is easy too, but there is no reason for you to that since the links I posted above lead you to 3 MP3 versions of NTT.

Quotehello. i\'m sure this topic has been talked about already, but i\'m new to the forum. does anyone know where i can download a good copy of giant robot ntt?  

Lame V0 MP3:
FLAC and MP3:
Mp3 320: