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ooooh, tea ceremony, good example!
I saw a new release yesterday that said California\'s pet adoption agencies have seen a 30% increase in relinquishing rights, because of the housing crash.  People are loosing their homes and in the process have no way to care for loved pets.  They showed a clip of an owner in tears signing away his dog.  I can\'t wait to get my $300.00 and everything will be all better.

G, I guess I should have written a caveat.  I don't view the cow or horse, or shark, or whatever the guy wants to cut in half as abusive.  I just don\'t see it as art.  Rhetorically speaking, what has he actually put in the piece that makes it more than exploiting something that nature as already created?  

Question to ponder (anyone): If the dog had been feed, would that have made it art?
I don\'t see how you could walk past that and not do anything; the viewers are as disturbed as the artist!  I agree with the first comment, "sick motherfu*ker!"  
But on a side note, I didn\'t think cutting a cow into sections was art either...
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: ISOT Painting
November 09, 2007, 02:10:58 am
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: ISOT Painting
September 22, 2007, 10:28:50 pm
Very nice.  I love "Sunset Canyon," "Balance," and "Tossing Out Ideas"  I like them all, but simply sitting here listing everyone would be ridiculous.  You have quite a talent.
Fascinating drawing!  Did you intend there to be a face in the abstract lines above his head or was it an accident or perhaps I am just seeing things...  
If I understand your question correctly yes it does happen and no it's not a flaw (I think.)
Your I-tunes has simply lost the path to the original file.  Delete it from I-tunes and re-import to your library.  Or click on it and I-tunes will ask you if you want to find the file.

Good luck with your new/old project.
Love Puddle!  The reflection of the clouds is cool, thanks for sharing.  Keep clicking!
I really like it, very sublime and subtle.  The pic looks good to me too; it comes across on my computer screen really well.  I also like the cropping of the picture, although one of my favorite spots on the painting is the wrist.  So now that it is done are you hanging on your wall, hanging it on someone else's wall, or selling it?  Is it oil or acrylic?
Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
Thinking of you was personal, creating art was all about $.  I was painting flowers on a formal living room wall.  I'm not even sure about the art, it\'s very pedestrian, but it was nice not to have to smear paint for a day.
I thought about you today G, as I was creating art for the first time in a long while.  I was wondering how it was going.  When is the baby due, did you make the deadline?  I guess it would be a hard thing to re-negotiate a completion date.  "Thanks for the dolls, but my child is graduating from college next week."

Don't rush on our account, cause that's when things get all                       up (fill in the blank.)
      Been there done that, just this Friday as a matter of fact.  It did give me an idea for a new painting; sometimes it is worth the struggle.  All I can say is enjoy the journey, cause in the end that\'s what it is all about!
I hope you know I\'m just joking with you -- I can wait until the 5th!  ;)
So post pics of the dolls as well!!

Are they real dolls or paintings of dolls?  Or perhaps they are pictures of dolls painting... ;D

By the way July 4th is only 23 days away -- NO PREASURE, I\'m just saying.
this is the link to the song Brandy and Kevin wrote that I mentioned last message.

 :( link didn\'t work.