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  I have found out that my brother did indeed keep his vast library of recorded music from the 1960's.  :o  ;D  He also still has the machine. He was concerned about the corruption of the magnetic data onto the adjacent tape sections on the reel.

  Can anyone comment about experiences with old reel to reel recordings?

  Thank you.
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Non Time
March 12, 2006, 02:39:51 pm
want to see stress? take two wall bouncing kids into non-time with you and it becomes nontime times ten.  I think the exponential time expansion is contagious too; It seems everyone around my bouncers are somehow affected.
Thoughts of the dmv brings back a cold sweat, even with the deli numbers.
What a statement of our culture that the only news people who can be relied on to tell it like it is are from  comedy news saitire.
Interesting 5 cents, GKG, It is always nice to learn a little history.
  as far as multiple languages on sign posts go, english and french are both on the signs in some of Ontario and most of Quebec provinces in Canada.
  In Ireland, Gaelic is in large print and english in small letters. They are trying to re-claim their lost language....
Europe is mostly the in native language, as  I remember, its been too long...
I take no offense in the translation...after all, didn\'t we steal the melody to "God Save The Queen" and teach our youth to sing "My country tis of the..sweet land of liberty"?  That seems like a worse offense.
I remember I was very confused the frst time I heard the National anthem of Great Britain.
Somemore people found their voices... in Georgia, no less. Rummy got blasted again.
I would imagine they were very  bad times. While not wishing to stir up memories that you wish to lay to rest, I am determined  that it not be forgotten.
  Too much is easily brushed aside these days, and I honestly must say I think the Pres had the country thinking that this would be "war-light" like so much diet soda...and that we were morally on the high ground because we spoke the name of the Christian God.
   I know my Dad is open with his discussion of his war experiences and I hope that I have not been pouring salt in any wounds....
  You are right about the need to get back to the lighter side. We are fortunate we have the time, and good blessings of  music and humanities in general.  For me, that is where the spirit grows.
  and of course, in meeting nice people...  :)

something for you by Lord Byron:

How in the noon of night that pibroch thrills,
savage and shrill!
But with the breath which fills
Their mouintain pipe,
so fill the mountaineers
With the fierce native daring which instills
the stiring memory of a thousand years.
Thanks for mentioning that Travis. I wonder, DOD, how old were you when you signed on the dotted line? (you don\'t have to answer...)I think my Grandmother had to give her blessing to my DOD so he could join the Marines in his 16th year.
  I have always been so proud of his courage. That makes it  so hard to hear the words of this President say "we" are making the world safe for Democracy.  I feel "he" is wasting such wonderful lives...
  But, my father, once a dedicated Republican, and a man who gave generously of himself as a community volunteer,  calls it as he sees it. He saw the writing on the wall with this guy: How big business would run amok, oil prices would go up and environmental concerns hamstringed.
  He should probably speak his own opinions, \'cept his typing is kinda rough! But he has always made so much sense...He has been lambasting this administration even before they took office. But, his new wife, a Bible touting Christian, is of the mind that this war is about saving the world. Comparing our role in it to the role that the Russians played in WWII in keeping the Nazis
occupied while we prepared to enter the war and save Great Britain...
  I find my greatest arguments against people of that "marching-christian-soldier" mindset is Christ\'s own teachings. There are too many people who are willing to forget about that aspect of their religion.
  Anyway, Dad was discharged via the hospital also...  blown up with  an ammo dump on Saipan...I am sure DOD\'s would have some stories to share about a time so much different than these...
   Sorry to get sentimental here...I have so much respect for the "Greatest Generation"...
My Parental unit, to borrow a phrase, occasionally dreams he is back in the South Pacific in a fox hole... growing up, those nights were quite exciting in our house.

  Looking in his "commemerative Yearbook" from the 4th Marine division and seeing the full color pictures of the flame throwers and the occasional body on fire, I was an early opponent of the horrors of war. I think we get some of that memory passed along to us also, in our DNA, that mysterious and as yet un-understood phenomenon we are built by.
absolutely. No draft, No way.
But, The kids need to get a clue as to what it its all about and where it could end up.
 I dreamed last night, during the small slumber I was able to manage,   that  I was being next stop was Canada...
A horror of a thought, but do you think if the kids of today were checking their draft numbers they might be little more concerned?

Iraq is not Iran, but this president sure is a loose cannon, IMHO. Let\'s not forget Afghanistan.

We probably are a little on the thin side as it is.

Having grown up with the developing technologies, and the growth of cable tv, it has occured to me that people today are just overwhelmed with input, from so many places.
    A lesson from my business writing class was simple: keep the message as short, clear and as easy to look at possible.
   If you can\'t understand the lyrics and the melody drones, you lose your chance.
   I think the kids in High School today, having grown up while this war has continued, may be the youth with the voice. I hope they find it soon.
   BTW, did any one hear anything about the march in NYC this past weekend? I must have missed it on CNN, despite waiting for it...
Hi, I have not posted in a while and I forgot my password... but I want to applaud Neil Young\'s latest work "Living with War".
  In trying to emulate him, I revised some of the lyrics to the song "Feel like I\'m Fixin to Die" By Country Joe and the Fish, of 60\'s war protest fame.

  One of the first songs I remember growing up was this song. It has always been in my active memory files, as it were...
  Have you checked out Neil Young\'s website? He has a new album out and its a free down load! I like the way that man thinks.
 I play guitar some, but I have a flat singing voice, for a girl... I think it would be good if someone would do this little ditty again...
  I slept little last night, so it gets a little out of sync in some places, but, it might work with some tweaking...
Well come on all of you big strong men,
Uncle Sam needs your help again,
He got himself in a terrible jam,
Fighting off Islam,
Put down your books and pick up a gun,
We\'re gonna have a whole lotta fun

1,2,3, what are we fighting for,
don\'t ask me I dot give a damn,
next stop is Tehran, Iran
5, 6, 7, open up them pearly gates
Aint no time to wonder why,
Whoopee! we\'re all gonna die
Well come on wall street don\'t be slow,
Why man this is war go go go,
There\'s plenty good money to be made,
By supplying the army with the tools of the trade,
Just hope and pray that if he drops the bomb
No one notices they are gone.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma
wasn\'t that the latest storm?
Don\'t tell me its gettin warm
Delta, Eplison, Zeta
if we keep r heads down in the sand
Rejoyce, it could be the end
Well come on generals let\'s move fast,
Your big chance is come at last,
Gotta go out and get that pres,
before all the oil is spent,
For he knows that peace can only be won,
"When you blow them all to kingdom come"

10, 9, 8
what happened to Watergate?
I asking ya to give a damn
it wasn\'t sadam
7,6,5, it shoulda been Gore
before pre-emptive war
liftin off- no stellar ship
check out that radar blip
and its zero, omega, nill
aint nothin left
no need for govermnet,
these here are  the times to cry,
"You\'re gonna make us die"
the future aint no certain thing
lets make it worth living
uno, dos tres, come and take a stand
we know the Mexican\'s can
cinquo, seis, siete,
light a fire, activate
before the draft kicks in
don\'t say its not happenin,
howdy! aint no BBQ  on that table
Throw those hoodlums out of there
lest we despair.
Time is getting late
lets not lay prostrate
get out spread the word,
tipping point is not assured
less you see what happens next
lets throw them outta there
1,2,3, what are we fighting for,
don\'t ask me I dot give a damn,
next stop is Tehran, Iran
5, 6, 7, open up them pearly gates
Aint it  time to wonder why
the President gone an lied
This version by Kelly
(Original words and music by Country Joe and The Fish)
Please, if you have a huge problem letting this President off the hook for his law breaking and arrogance, PLEASE WRITE YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TODAY. maybe if we all do something we can make a tipping point and get these sheep we have elected to stand up to the @!@#^&! (excuse me)
Listen to John Dean...
I sent this to my representative, who is republican. My other reps are Democrat; I can\'t believe they are cowering again...

"Please vote for for the Censure of this President, He deserves to be impeached for breaking the law.
Please do not stand on party lines, the road this administration is leading us on is a dangerous one. World opinion would be better served if they saw that the people do not support his arrogance and failed leadership.

Listen to John Dean and support Senator Feingold\'s motion. What was wrong in the 60\'s is still wrong today. Do not subscribe to the words like democtratic party stunts and foolishness... it is GOP spin tactics to try and diffuse and counter the real issue. Stand against this theocratic party that is truly "not of the people"."

General Discussion / Re: I am taking a Class
March 10, 2006, 03:24:27 pm
Sorry to hear it Chris, but if it is something you are really interested in, and you keep your eyes open, you will find it coming into your life in all sorts of cool little places.
  I know I would have enjoyed taking the class....
later    ....Kelly