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renting taxidermy table cloth
little hand on the clock moves fast
crocigator head spin
QuoteI just added a "clearance" page for Cracked case, end of stock type things here:

I\'ll be running an auction soon on the auction page for even more oddball

i picked up donkey townfrom the clearnace, and i got island of lost minds, finally. you say oddball items, interesting.
i\'ve already contacted p-nut, bass player from 311. and sammy j. watson, drummer from the apex theory/mt. helium. wanting them to try and hook up with bucket, and they are both willing and ready to do it, it would be madness. i also messaged bootsy on twitter, and he said it seemed like a great idea. travis can u help?? maybe pass on the word.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Sept 1st CD
September 16, 2009, 08:41:23 am
like u haven\'t already heard it enough in this thread, but here goes.

thanks so much travis. getting the little white box from tdrs in the mail is always a great day and an awesome feeling. can\'t wait to hear the solo stuff.

u tha man.
he\'s had a few different bass players.

sounds like ur describing dan monti on bass. and i\'ve seen more vids with pinchface on drums than brain.

and welcome to tdrs, it\'s a great place.
great news travis, ordered yesterday.

you the man!!
i\'m gonna ask u to sign mine travis, wherever is fine with me, be expecting another order to marion!!
i will more than likely be ordering this within the next week.

thanks again travis, u tha man!!  8)
i look at it like english. no matter how hard it is, i couldn\'t imagine trying english if i didn\'t know how to read it. everything is there for a reason, just like in a sentence. giving up would not be an option with language, which is what music is.

sorry if the teacher is comin out of me, i just know if you knew how to read music, you\'d laugh at how easy it is.
or u could just learn how to read notes, it\'s real easy.
u just have to be able to know which note on the staff is which note on the guitar. but i\'ve been reading since i was 9, so good luck, and if u need help, i\'ll help.
^^^^^ someone bought them at a show earlier in the week.
u will, tdrs carries the tour only cds, usually after the tour. hope he shows us the covers in a coming soon... type thang.
awesome news travis. thank you!!

u the man