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Totally 80's. Sounds FAT! Thanks for blowing the dust here and poating.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Vinyl?
November 07, 2019, 03:17:12 am
Wow, you blew the dust of this place and posted something. Thats cool. I check in once in a while and have kept the forum really as as archive. With the end of CDs and the ability to generate any income from music my interest have been channeled elsewhere. Thats not to say I haven't been doing music, I just don't know what to do with it.

 But, the new studio is coming along and I have been working with all my usual collaborators in the temporary studio in my house. Viggo and I have been working on the score to his new film, thats what I was doing in London a few weeks ago. The results should be of interest to all those that used to frequent this place.
Hopefully it will lead to some new projects.

 At least the Viggo project can be heard on big screens everywhere. But the rest I'm just not sure. Once the studio is done I plan on revisiting alternative ways of distribution. I think when you see stories like, vinyl records are outselling CDs thats only indicative of how far Cds have fallen. However, I have been thinking about it. I'm kind of interested in releasing a new project as vinyl only. But I do have a really cool catalog that something should be done with.

The problems are, its expensive to press vinyl and it requires selling them for stupid prices. The sweet spot for pricing music verses the cost to make them that was easy with Cds just isn't there. Its too pricey for people not willing to pony up that kind of cash causing the cost to those who are too pay too much. The other problem with repressing CDs to vinyl is, CDs held so much more music then vinyl there is not room on a single disc to hold the content of a CD. So you end up in this odd problem of having too mush music for a single disc and not enough for double.

One of the things I miss about this forum is the feedback about the demand for things. You may remember Thanatopsis Requiem that did not go well and was the last thing I produced for this label. But I'm opened to opinions. So hopefully the first part of next year I'll be revamping this sight, my Facebook presence and new projects and distribution ideas. Thanks for posting. 
Hey back. Looks like its just you and me. Since last you checked in, all the above continues to be true and i closed my recording studio to to the economics of the music business and the insane escalation of Los Angels rents. I'm rebuilding the studio in my home, and that will take the better part of the rest of the year. In the meantime i have a small studio set up and have been working on the score to Viggos new film and a couple of records that were in progress when I moved. My own music is on hold while my brother is recovering from his reconstruction surgery. When he's feeling up to it we'll get back to recording and hopefully have a shinny new studio to do it in.
Finished this one today.

I have some copies here but for the time being I recommend  ordering it from Perceval Press. It's only available as vinyl and as a download. The downloadis here to listen to and buy.
No, I'll post it here as soon as I know.
Yes, this is new. We got together recently here. We had a lot of fun and this is the result. Vinyl only for now but downloads should be available soon.
Our first effort back in the studio.
Well we have spent the last year and some concentrating on Lindys recovery. We have just begun working on projects again so we can have something new soon.
Hi Trev_dog. Thanks for the shout out. It's appreciated. As you can see this place is as dead as CD's. Times have changed. Community has shifted to apps and music distribution has completely changed. Definitely was lively here for awhile. Its a bit of a gas station after the interstate now. I'll keep it here as an archive, a lot of good information is still here. thanks for checking in.
Well then i'll try to keep you up to date here ;D.
Hey, Thanks for your interest. I'd say from the looks of this place little has changed. We've talked about this before. Basically it's the indy music business has so radically changed, the way people hear, buy and distribute music, that the little label I started and did somewhat well for the last 20 years no longer can operate the way it used to. It costs more to record and produce music then it can make. Simple as that. I still make music for myself and produce and play on other peoples records. Because it all comes out of my pocket the pace has slowed to when I have the free time to work on stuff. I still have a record I've been working on with Vince DiCola, it's a great record but its production has to come after I pay for the lights and rent. Same with the record with DJ. I'm still making records with my brother, DJ and Paul ill. We have a couple more songs I'll post soon. The thing you posted with Bob is something I'm recording for him, he'll tell you about it when the time is right.  I just recorded the basic tracks with Vince DiCola and Rick Livingstone for a project called SagAstar we're getting to the overdub stage now. I'll try to make a little more effort to post here just so anyone who looks here once in a while can get updates. But I would encourage anyone interested to friend me on Facebook, I tend to post news there more than here just because more people have eyes there then here now.
I don't know for sure, Perceval Press did the pressing but I would think 500 or less.
All said i do think this will all get worked out. This is a transition period. I don't blame the downloader anymore than taking fruit off a tree thats out in public or even not so public. It's human nature. I blame the service providers and the lack of repect for intellectual property, actually not respect but consequences with teeth. It will be up to congress to address the problems of copyright issues that addressed the circumstances of decades ago. Then i think it will be a matter of ISPs being responsible for content that passes through their pipeline and streaming services paying a fair share to the creators of their content.
Yes, I'm always working on something. I do have a handful of projects that I would love to finish and I'm working on some new things as well. The inactivity here is completely related to the death of the CD. Without the revenue from CD sales there is no money to pay for musicians, the studio or the manufacture of hard copies of anything including back catalog. That leaves artists to do the least expensive option for producing music and whatever works in terms of distributing it and not much does. So that has slowed everything. Collaborations means those meager earnings are split to the point of why bother. So it's kind of been every man for themselves. The last CD i released and probably really the "last" CD was Requiem and that probably never will recoup expenses. Viggo continues to release hard copies because he likes to and can. I've enjoyed the vinyl LP process but there is no way it will save the music business. Unlike a lot of my musician and music professional friends, I am still here. I manage keep the doors open but a lot and I mean most of the production studios around me are gone. In the meantime, because it's what I do, I will continue to record and film music, I just don't know what I'm going to do with it.