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General Discussion / Re: more stars
May 12, 2005, 01:09:34 am
wow i just got upgraded to 2stars/valued .man i feel automated reel good..
General Discussion / more stars
May 12, 2005, 01:06:47 am
 im a noob bot here and there [buckethead tk],i was pecking n scratching about what&how my memberbotship increases/gain more starz?
can ya explain dat to me young fella?
Well the download store only operates with Paypal. You can use a credit card through the Paypal gateway, but it\'s still Paypal. I guess what I was asking is, does this time out happen while your in the process of paying?  
i guess i haft to get a paypal account
sorry to have bothered you

i\'ve only tried the creditcard i\'ve never needed to use paypal as your site\'s product is the only one i\'ve ever desired.
thanks for replying it\'s like my brush with greatness
your bot jetzilla
hey travis
 ever time i try download , with a creditcard or  debit card ,after typing in all the info required,the resulting screen says time ran out . very frustrating and non profitable for you and buckethead .
 your bot jetzilla
 i screwed up

in the tune "binge buddies" when the guy says"PIXXIESTIXX" bh. lets loose w/ the axe.i was thinkin another persona or sorry ..still he dunks good i like it
no. if or when you watch secret recipe,you will notice his very long hair/beard/talent for basketball dunks.not to mention his extreme features and other talents.your freinds cousin is probably "milhouse vanhooten", from "the simpsons" watching the "springfield chainsaw masacre"...ah-haa just messing wit ya. :P

o  by da way,welcome to bucketheadland
cleared up?
check out that short video of BH.playin nightrain,when i first saw it i thought "he[BK.] dont even hafta look to play slashs riffs "haha .maybe the bucket will improve slashes\' ability, nah he still sux. sorry i cant stop myself :P
 pleez sumbody get a bunch and sell em to us new bucketbots the few vids out there,just make it worse ie production quality.
 ps on funnel weaver,the track f-4 phantom that is sumkinna awsome i wish it went on&on like this subject.