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oh man, ZQ, those ROCK!  very fun indeed!!
Your art, music, projects and links / R.I.P.
August 14, 2009, 04:39:27 am
Les Paul & Rashied Ali

Sadly broke at present but wishing you skads of luck!!!    :-*
farewell to the incomparable Miriam Makeba - she went the way she envisioned, and that\'s a wonderous thing...
Bus... no, i didn\'t think you meant abuse, i was just saying for me because it wasn\'t abuse it was easier for me to think abstractly about it.  i can be very pragmatic, but abuse puts blinkers on me.  i think the contribution Hirst made to the cow was adding context - not a huge contribution in my view of the piece, and i have to say mostly if it had an impact on me it was that the context allowed me to think of the interior of the cow (shark, etc) in terms of design.  

i\'ve always marveled at the beauty of such creatures on an exterior level, with no help from Hirst, but i\'d not really spent time marvelling at the interior.

it\'s art, but not \'great art\' to me...  i\'m sure to those who\'ve studied art appreciation, that statement is just a display of my ignorance - and i\'m ok with that.

i\'m with Duckhead - the art would have been in nurturing the dog back to a healthy life... although the act of feeding can be an art... as the Japanese have shown, any small act can be elevated to the level of art.  the tea ceremony can be a subtlely stunning performance.
even in the guise of conceptual work, i just can\'t wrap brain cells around this one.  i can sort of see the conceptual aspect of the cow... sort of... more easily perhaps because it died a a more humane death prior to its exhibition as \'art\'.

someone i know is trying to find proof that this was a publicity stunt and the dog was actually cared for - nice idea, but so far he hasn\'t been able to do so - his fav source, Snopes, can\'t even say this was definitely a hoax.  here\'s hoping it was.  sadly, the image of that dog tells me otherwise...

 I don\'t think I need to comment... y\'all can think for yourselves.

Congrats - that\'s a great idea... and I\'m sure now that he\'s seen your work, you\'ll get the chance to paint on some more decks.  Use a few coats of poly to seal it and the painting will last longer, by the way.

Gifted man with a strong heart... farewell.

Chris Moss does amazing things!!!

he once composed a short piece for a painting of mine - i treasure that.  i used it in a show once (with full credit to the man); hope to have a chance to do so again with a sound mechanism that does justice to the lovely piece.

in my experience you can\'t go wrong working with the inestimable Mr. Moss.
i can\'t give these the attention they deserve right now (i\'m in corporate hell) so i\'ll try to get a chance to give them a serious listen at home.

meanwhile, welcome!
very cool indeed.
well HOT DAMN!  hooray for you!!!  :-*