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TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Vinyl?
November 23, 2019, 02:58:56 pm
Quote from: Travis on November 07, 2019, 03:17:12 amWow, you blew the dust of this place and posted something. Thats cool. I check in once in a while and have kept the forum really as as archive. With the end of CDs and the ability to generate any income from music my interest have been channeled elsewhere. Thats not to say I haven't been doing music, I just don't know what to do with it.

FWIW, I check the forum regularly, always hoping for some news ;)

(I don't have an Arsebook account)

Regarding your new music: Why not put it up at Bandcamp, as you have done with some of your previous works? This will at least give interested people (like me) access to your new stuff. I understand it will probably not generate a whole lot of income. But some income should be better than nothing...

Quote from: TravisBut, the new studio is coming along and I have been working with all my usual collaborators in the temporary studio in my house. Viggo and I have been working on the score to his new film, thats what I was doing in London a few weeks ago. The results should be of interest to all those that used to frequent this place.
Hopefully it will lead to some new projects.

At least the Viggo project can be heard on big screens everywhere. But the rest I'm just not sure.

I'm glad to hear the new studio is emerging!

BTW: Which Viggo movie are you referring to? Is it "Falling" (upcoming film)?

Quote from: TravisOnce the studio is done I plan on revisiting alternative ways of distribution. I think when you see stories like, vinyl records are outselling CDs thats only indicative of how far Cds have fallen. However, I have been thinking about it. I'm kind of interested in releasing a new project as vinyl only. But I do have a really cool catalog that something should be done with.

The problems are, its expensive to press vinyl and it requires selling them for stupid prices. The sweet spot for pricing music verses the cost to make them that was easy with Cds just isn't there. Its too pricey for people not willing to pony up that kind of cash causing the cost to those who are too pay too much. The other problem with repressing CDs to vinyl is, CDs held so much more music then vinyl there is not room on a single disc to hold the content of a CD. So you end up in this odd problem of having too mush music for a single disc and not enough for double.

Oh, whatever you decide, please don't do Vinyl only! :o

I'd always much prefer CDs. But, if CD isn't possible, a high-quality download (FLAC or ALAC, no MP3 please!) is fine too for me. Even Vinyl with download code would still be okay. But, as you said, Vinyl tends to be very expensive, especially with all the shipping cost to my location.

Vinyl only would mean I cannot do much with it, except for putting it up on my wall ;)

Quote from: TravisOne of the things I miss about this forum is the feedback about the demand for things. You may remember Thanatopsis Requiem that did not go well and was the last thing I produced for this label. But I'm opened to opinions. So hopefully the first part of next year I'll be revamping this sight, my Facebook presence and new projects and distribution ideas. Thanks for posting.

Too bad that Thanatopsis Requiem didn't go well. It is such a great album!

The whole Thanatopsis back catalogue is awesome and among my all time favorites. Unfortunately, it seems only few people know about it... ???

Best Regards
Quote from: Travis on June 10, 2019, 01:41:37 pmHey back. Looks like its just you and me. Since last you checked in, all the above continues to be true and i closed my recording studio to to the economics of the music business and the insane escalation of Los Angels rents. I'm rebuilding the studio in my home, and that will take the better part of the rest of the year. In the meantime i have a small studio set up and have been working on the score to Viggos new film and a couple of records that were in progress when I moved. My own music is on hold while my brother is recovering from his reconstruction surgery. When he's feeling up to it we'll get back to recording and hopefully have a shinny new studio to do it in.
Oh, that's sad to hear. Insane rents seems to be a big problem everywhere these days :-\

Anyway, I wish all the best for your plans with the new "home" studio as well as for your brother's recovery! Looking forward to hear some new output anytime.

BTW: Can you say what is the new Viggo film that you are working on?
It's that time again. Anything new in the making to look forward? :D

Nice. And, by the way, Merry Christmas! :)

Quote from: Travis on November 24, 2018, 12:34:03 am
I have some copies here but for the time being I recommend  ordering it from Perceval Press. It's only available as vinyl and as a download. The downloadis here to listen to and buy.

Thank you for the info :)
Just stumbled upon  this:

QuoteGodzilla Sleeps Alone. A new record of music from all the usual suspects-Viggo, Buckethead, Travis, and Henry-along with rookie, Buddy. In seven (mostly) instrumental tracks, the players explore the introspective side of giant monsters, spooky astronomical anomalies, and the far more frightening real world.

I wonder whether this is all new material or release of previously recorded stuff. Are Viggo and Bucket recording at TDRS again?

Also, will this be released on CD (or at least as a digital download)? So far I see Vinyl only...

Best Regards
Quote from: Travis on October 11, 2018, 10:08:58 pm
Well we have spent the last year and some concentrating on Lindys recovery.

Oh, hope he is doing fine!
Quote from: Travis on July 17, 2015, 01:58:09 pm
One of the reasons we started doing live in studio videos is any interst in seeing us live is spead pretty thinnley outside the LA area. We have thought of doing some live stuff here recently, it would be fun. Thanks for the interst.

It has been a long time since the last live in studio video, or did I miss something? Are you planning to do anything more of this kind?

We would appreciate for sure  :)
You can hear the complete "podcast" (therapy session) here:

Very surprising that he did this now, after hiding his identity so well for so many years. Also shocking to hear about his heart condition. Knew about his spinal problems, but wouldn't have expected that :(

Hope he will get better soon! But maybe he already is feeling better by now, as he is on tour again right now (and videos show him at full power).
It has been available for a long time at, but unfortunately the site went down a while ago :-\

I wonder what's the matter with those re-recorded tracks :o

QuoteFeaturing a new title, new artwork, and re-recordings of "Redeem Team" and "Siege Engine".
So glad to hear that he is doing collaborations again! With "Brain" on board I'm pretty sure that its going to be a killer show 8)

Maybe a visit to TDRS is within reach?