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I will be at the NYC show with a few friends. If anyone would like to meet and say hello, send me a PM. I\'m very excited.  :D
QuoteI got my tickets to the show on Monday, which happens to be my birthday.  I already got an awesome present from a bot of mine.  He went to That1Guy\'s show in NY and got me a signed concert poster.  That1Guy wrote happy birthday to me and even drew a little guy playing the Magic Pipe!  I am going to frame it.  I will have to thank That1Guy at the show.

The NYC show was one of the coolest I\'ve seen and heard ;D . High energy from all, ending with That1Guy, Sxip Shirey, and Wolff performing together, with a group finale of Hava Nagila.  
Thanks :)

I can be shy, but I\'ll say hello if the chance arises!
Hello all!

I\'m both new to the forum and T1G. I love what I\'m listening to so far.  Will be making some music purchases soon!

On the 9th, i plan on going to the show at Sullivan Hall in NYC!