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Title: Space Captain's Music
Post by: spacecaptain on May 18, 2013, 03:25:15 am
Hello guys, i would like to share my last album, Inside the Outside with you.
This album contains a mixing between Alt. Rock, Funk and Electronic Music and it is an album dedicated to
Buckethead, the person with whom I am very grateful because I started playing guitar/making music because of him. He was and still is one of my biggest inspirations.
All track were produced and recorded by me at my home studio and the same goes for the instruments.
I hope you all can take a listen and comment telling me what you think. Sharing this album will really help me too. :)

Album Cover:


Track List:

1. Inside the Outside 02:21
2. Time Paradox 02:06
3. Light Pollution 02:14
4. Thundering Asteroids 02:26
5. Insert Coin 02:07
6. Out of Time 02:59
7. Hacked Tube 04:29
8. Virtual Reality 02:25
9. Black Hole Diggers 03:47
10. Up is Down 03:03
11. Puzzle Without Resolution 03:26
12. Brain Connection Device 01:33
13. Alien-Hybrid Embryos 03:26
14. Skydive 03:00

Link to Bandcamp: (

The track "Hacked Tube" is actually an anagram for "Buckethead".

Other Links:

Official Facebook: (
Soundcloud: (

Title: Re: Space Captain's Music
Post by: DroidHunter13 on May 30, 2013, 12:51:36 am
PERFECT album to dedicate to Buckethead. At first I was the only one who knew that Hacked Tube was an anagram for Buckethead  ;)

My favorite album from you, Space Captain! Keep doing what your doing!