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Title: V For Vendetta
Post by: spencer on August 06, 2005, 06:44:11 am
I don\'t know if you guys have heard of this movie, but it seems really intereslting.

I mention this in this forum because it poses an interesting question about terrorism and when it\'s right or whether it\'s right at all.  

It\'s pretty much about a very controlled society (i think 1984 when watching the preview) and focuses on a masked man who fights the system and causes chaos to try and overthrow the government in favor of his ideals(which, in fact, is the definition of terrorism according to my history book).  It\'s kinda cool because the character that\'s masked is masked to make him more of an idea than a person.  Really interesting.

It should get a lot of flak when it comes out, but it looks like it can be good.  It\'s got Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving in it (Mr. Smith from the Matrix and Elrond from LOTR), and is written by the wachowski brothers, who write really smartly.

Interesting side topic, did you know one of the wachowskis actually had a sex change?  He ran away with a professional dominatrix who took him/her on as her slave.  Really weird.  S/he likes to be called Linda now I suppose.  

I smell a remake of Glen or Glenda!  hahahaha.

Cuz... Glen or Glenda is a movie about a transexual, and v for vendetta was also based on a graphic novel.

I thought it was funny.   :P