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Started by Travis, January 28, 2006, 02:12:53 am

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Thanks for showing us the bones of how a track is outlined. I\'ve never really known how musicians put a song together. Very enlightening.

Chris DiCicco

WOW, I hope to do this one day with Chic Disc Rico, asking " What Toys did You use" or on somesuch question...

Still would have a ball to see Buckethead play with a Telecaster, I seen video of the KFC and Yamaha Guitars, I dig the Moog Snyth, I have this real piece of junk Keyboard from Radio Shack, that I just can\'t shake it though, I\'m curiose about this bed sheet business over the Drums, I like the ideas here.

Things I want to mess around with is something everyone has, but probably over looked is a Doorbell, I can play a mean Doorbell, no jokes but it does make me laugh thinking about it.


The Exosphere  2013


Great artwork Travis, I\'m gonna order this CD as soon as I\'ve got the money.


Thanks a lot Travis. Yes the artwork is very nice but did you have to go and tease me with the Simper download??  ;D

Great job guys! I really can\'t wait for this.  :-*



thanks for taking the time to do the dissection and the lovely sampler... of course i\'m impatiently looking forward to the CD all the more now.   :-*

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


Richard Schuchman

Just wanted to say great job on the Anatomize page and thanks for listening to your fans\' requests.

Since you\'re in such a receptive mood, I thought I\'d toss something else out there ... I have a cd by John Scofield called Bump which has an "enhanced" area with footage of him and the other guys in the studio actually recording a track. Since this seems to be a non-touring band (unfortunately), footage of this sort might be the fans only change of seeing this band in action. And since this site is so popular, you wouldn\'t have to spend the extra $$$ on an enhanced cd, just post it on here! Just a suggestion, but if you think it\'s possible or a good idea, now\'s the time to speak up.

I caught that bit on the new page about going through the recorded material and selecting the tunes that fit. Which begs the question, "How many tunes or hours of jamming are there still left to release?"

Thanks again, and it\'s great to hear the actual cd is done and on the way. I already ordered my copy, so I\'m just waiting for Devil Dub to arrive (thank you, House) and for Tunnel to appear on this site as a download (I know you\'re busy (obviously); just a reminder) and my collection will be complete!! Well, for a month or two anyway ...


thank you many much travis,you are the coolest :)
to get to see art work is a treat and i can\'t wait to receive my pre-ordered copy,music like this deserves golden treatment,anatomize promises to be special in my heart,travis you are the most artistic natural thing i\'ve ever heard,your work gets and always will get my support.thanks :)