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In Seacrh Of Update

Started by Travis, February 26, 2007, 06:21:01 pm

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Sorry for starting yet another insearchof Thread. I just wanted this to be easy to find and I\'ll sticky it for a while.

I want to update everyone about where we are at as of now and hit a few important points about this unusual offering.

There has been an incredible response to this. We have been just overwhelmed. The story of the CD set hit the wires and it was on The Rollingstone\'s web page, Blabbermouth and even NPR\'s Wait, Wait, Don\'t Tell Me did a question about Buckethead Sunday.

So I\'m guess I\'m asking everyone who has been waiting for their CD\'s to show up a little extra patience with us. My little operation has be in overtime, overdrive since Friday. we have been churning and churning and we have shipped lots of these. However, we are still trying to catch up to the people that have placed pre-orders.  The first that ordered should be seeing them in the mail at least domestically. Now that I can see how many we can do a day I expect to get all the pre-orders in the mail by the end of the week. I hope you all understand what a taxing and insane enterprise this has been. I have always tried to get orders out within a day of the end of a pre-order period, however I hope you understand the difficulties here and the few days delay that may result.

Since Peppers Ghost is due to be delivered here tomorrow ( yet another layer of complexity to an already insane task) those will ship with the insearch of set not much delayed then it would have been otherwise. Also as soon as the Crime Slunk repress sales hit 50, I reordered them. We will have them available as well and wherever possible I will try to ship all the orders combined so you get them at the same time ( sorry, no adjustments to shipping fees, If you prefer I can still ship separately, let me know : 0).

A lot of people asked for an autograph on their CD\'s. In so much as each and every one of these is personalized, it seemed redundant, also we would like the arm that did this to be preserved for finer things so sorry none will be autographed .

A couple of other things. All the assembly of these was done by hand. We made every effort to see that no mistakes were made. However, just in case you happen to get a set that has a problem, email me and I\'ll correct it right away. If you get a set that has one cover illustration upside down or something, I recommend keeping it. I\'m sure the guy that returned the airmail stamp with the airplane flying upside down regrets doing after it sold for millions.

Also. as you know, these are CDR\'s not CDs. These come with inherent problems. They are fragile, so you may wish to back them up on a computer or another set of CD\'s for everyday playing and keep your collectable pristine. CDR\'s are also finicky about playing in different CD players. If you experience skipping on a CD. don\'t panic, there may be nothing wrong with the CD, it\'s just a mismatch between your players laser and the laser that burned the CD. Try it in another player or computer CD ROM and see if it plays. If you can\'t resolve the problem, let me know.

Here a picture from over the weekend, It would have panned back but it\'s too scary.


thank you so much for the update... nice pic... soooooooo much work....for all of you!
official hippie hell survivor


Wow, now that\'s a lot of cd\'s!!  :o

Man, I can\'t even begin to imagine the amount of work and organization that it must take to pull something like this off, you have my everlasting gratitute and respect for doing this!

Also, this is some excellent news indeed. Not only is the "In Search of the" shipments being sent out, but Pepper\'s Ghost not far behind. Man, this is a sweet time to be a Buckethead fan, I\'ll tell you.  8)

So, let me see if I get this straight? When the Crime Slunk Scene pre-orders hit the 50 mark, you sent out for the first 50? And they will arrive at your place shortly? WOW! Excellent! Man, that makes me happy indeed. I am happy as a pig in you know what thanks to the whole "In Search..." and Pepper\'s Ghost deal naturally, but since I don\'t have Crime Slunk Scene, this makes me double.. no, triply happy.  ;D

Thanks a lot once again for the effort you put into this, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate it. These are amazing times indeed, and you Travis and the rest of the people behind this major operation are what\'s causing all of it. THANK YOU!

PS. And don\'t worry about "In Search of the" being cd-r\'s.. as soon as I get my hands on these babies I will promptly mp3 them and keep them on both my computer and my mp3-player. The originals will be kept in a safe part of my collection, if I feel the need to listen to these outside of my trusty mp3-player, I\'ll just have to burn copies to listen to. I don\'t want to wear them out, that\'s for sure. DS.

So, once again. THANKS!


wowzers! that is some overdrive. Thanks for the update! Also do the repressings of Crime Slunk Scene have a diffrent cover or is it the same. Just wondering.
Thanks again for all the hard work you do.


From what I heard, the Crime Slunk Scene re-pressings will feature the same artwork as the original. I believe Travis said that they had too much other stuff to work with, so if people really wanted them to be re-pressed soon it would be done with the original cover.

Haven\'t heard anything about it in a while, but I\'m guessing with the "In Search of the" sets and the new Pepper\'s Ghost, that there just won\'t be any time to do any new covers.


pre orders. I didn\'t know it could be pre ordered already. How can i pre order?

I\'ve already pre order Peppers Ghost  :)



pre-orders are done but you can order it. go to

use the tdrs side door link and then it will be on that page :)



Crime Slunk Scene is on it\'s way!

So is Pepper\'s Ghost!


Nice work, Travis. Triple kudos to you and Buckethead.


Well, being as I ordered mine on the last day of pre-orders, I shall patiently be awaiting it, and the few other things I ordered.

Thanks alot Travis, for all the hard work you\'re putting in with this project. I\'m really looking forward to listening to this set.


I also pre-ordered on the last day (serves me right for not checking the site after pre-ordering Pepper\'s Ghost).  Travis, I totally understand that you can\'t get them all out on the same day.  I am simply thrilled to be getting a set and am very thankful for the opportunity.  It really is a great time for anyone that loves Buckethead\'s music.


Quotepre-orders are done but you can order it. go to

use the tdrs side door link and then it will be on that page :)

thank you. Have ordered it now. Seeing the photo of the CD\'s, it looks like each sleave is plain white with a letter written on the side. I guess expecting a hand made cover for all 13 disc\'s is asking way too much


In addition to the letter on the side, there\'s some scribbles on the front of the digipacks as well. There\'s the volume number (i.e. the letter "I" is vol. 1, "N" is vol. 2 and so on), as well as the number of what "version" you have on your set.

Also, there\'s usually a Buckethead face scribbled on each of the covers, while one random cd in the set having something different drawn on them.

The cd\'s are marked as the covers, without the Buckethead drawing.

I learned all this from the TK boards.  ;D


I thought the CSS preorders hit like 60?  Was there a bunch canceled?


QuoteI thought the CSS preorders hit like 60?  Was there a bunch canceled?

No, from what I understand, the first 50 were re-pressed when they hit the 50 mark. Most likely this will mean that the other 50 will ship once it reaches the 100 mark. That\'s what I\'m guessing at least, but perhaps Travis can elaborate a bit on that.


No, it means when we hit 50 pre-sales I went ahead and repressed a whole bunch. Plenty for everyone now.