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Buckethead painting prints

Started by the_carl, September 22, 2008, 01:23:32 am

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maybe this has already come up and I missed it, but...

any chance of the buckethead painting prints being printed again as just posters, unsigned?  I would definitely buy some if they were available and not $50...


I am sure this has been asked before, and it\'s a when it\'s gone it\'s gone thing, and standard versions won\'t be printed.
~~~\\''/    <--- Albino Slug


alright, thanks.  it\'s just that the currently available posters leave something to be desired, and the paintings are pretty awesome, but too steep for me.

by the way, if you only release a limited edition of something, it is, in effect, the standard edition because there is no other variation available.  thus, the "limited" versions, are, in fact, the standard versions in this case.  just thought I\'d point that out while I was thinking about it.  I think it makes sense... maybe...


Yeah I totally get you, you\'re right!

I got print #5, and I must say it looks real good.
~~~\\''/    <--- Albino Slug