It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
William Shakespeare

Travis Dickerson

Enter Gorgone 15:37
Siege 9:11
Aftermath 14:45

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While doing the recording for Population Override the three of us spent a lot of time just going off while
the tape rolled. The stuff we put together here has nothing to do with P.O. or Thanatopsis
for that matter. This is just the three of us having a good time. The three pieces on this collection are the
ones that cracked us up the most. None of it was worked out ahead of time, it's totally improvised.
We added a few overdubs here and there just for fun but mostly it's just as we played it.
So if your looking for pretty melodies, cleaver construction, slick production or anything of redeeming quality,
look elsewhere were putting this out because it sounded Gorgone.


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