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Another crazy review

Started by BucketBrother, June 20, 2009, 06:37:00 pm

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Well, maybe it\'s just me thats different from those who write reviews.  I accidently stumbled upon an albino slug review and thought i\'d read it anyways.

I don\'t agree with whats in it.  The album basically get slated, I think it\'s absolutely awesome.

I mean, the guy says it\'s about as memorable as the album cover...... WTF!!!!!  It\'s the coolest album cover i have seen.  Very memorable.

Then the guy goes on to review Lily Allens latest offering and gives it top marks.  That says it all!

Bucket Forever



But the album cover is very memoriable. What an idiot that guy is! It\'s so funny and random. ;D The look of the slug and the name of the album. :D


Not even a staff review. It should be clear that your usual John Doe will rate commercial approaches higher:



That review is stupid. Music doesn\'t need vocals! Why even mention vocals? Instrumental is not a separate genre, there can be instrumentals of any genre. It\'s true that this and the newer albums (starting from 2006 maybe) are similar with similar chord progressions and patterns and it\'s kind of disappointing but not enough to give it a horrible rating.


i think frank zappa said it best in his song packard goose "f#@K all them writers with a pen in their hand" ::)