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Got my SR DVD

Started by shadyshall, June 04, 2005, 01:30:45 pm

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June 04, 2005, 01:30:45 pm Last Edit: June 04, 2005, 01:32:45 pm by shadyshall
Hey Trav,
I got my SR DVD yesterday... Unfortunately, I had a REAL BAD day at work  >:( and was bogged down with stuff, literally until midnight... whence I popped in the DVD.

You completely made my day :D. I actually got up early this morning (well, 9AM is early when you go to bed at 2), and am going to watch more of it right now as I wake up and have some coffee... what I really want to say is this....

THANK YOU! Thank you so much for making these available to those of us who were silly and never signed up for the drawings. Thank you for making these available to a mass audience of Bucketbots. Thank you for being so nice and kind and generous to eveyone out here in Bucketheadland. You truly are a great guy... Know that you\'ll always have friends and followers who\'ll support you and appreciate all that you do. You are simply awesome... 8)

I know that may sound a bit mushy :P... but I can\'t tell you how many miserable days of mine you have brighetend (throughout the past few years)...

Thank you....   :)
[glb]Thank you...[/glb] :D

Your buddy,
I only came here to do two things, man... kick some ass and drink some beer... looks like we're almost out of beer...