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gut string guitar

Started by spencer ii, November 23, 2004, 12:49:00 am

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spencer ii

hey travis, what exactly is a gut string guitar?

Spencer (not logged in)


It\'s not a euphemism, it\'s strings made from dried twisted animal intestines.
Nice huh. Well it used to be, now there made of nylon. When a acoustic guitar is strung up with them it gives the guitar a mellow tone. For tens of thousands of years musical instruments were made from wood and animal parts. Things have changed, a little.


or have they!

[size=18]DUH DUH DAAAHHH!!!![/size]


Yes, your right, gut strings are still used widely. I\'m not sure if thats what you were referring to or if your beating a cat in rhythm from your response.


Quotethings have changed, a little

I was kind of thinking animals get slaughtered in some kind of Slaughter house for guitar strings democracy. thats why i said the "dah dah dahhhh"   as like a solved mystry.....

ah i\'ve had along day...i did an unheathly ammount of music t\'\'s kinda made me go mad.  Beat slicing...makes you go mad!


i\'m torn on this one - love the sound of the gut string - love the animals...

does anyone in the TDRS family of artists use gut regularly?  it has gone out of favor, with good reason - but the sound is something richer to me...  quandry indeed.

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No guitar players do. String players is another story.