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Giant Robot NTT

Started by TDogg926, August 12, 2008, 02:04:08 am

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Is there any chance for a re-issue of the Giant Robot NTT album?  I had heard that you said there were issues with copyrights in regards to the samples used in the songs.  If this is true is there any chance of a resolution?  "Well, well, well" would not be the same without the Clockwork Orange sample.  I am a huge Buckethead head fan and this is one of the few albums I do not have and I can not afford to pay $200+ for it on eBay.  I have seen it available for download but I am a collector and I need an actual copy.  I am sure that all the Bucketbots in the world would love for this to happen. Thank you for your time.


p.s. I search for a thread on this and nothing came up so I am sorry if this has been covered before.
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Only the bots that don\'t have a copy. I would not want to see this repressed :P
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I think not only are there copyrights and ownership issues but over the years there has been a quest mythology, an El Dorado effect that has gained more value  in of itself. So I think the situation as it is will remain for sometime.



August 17, 2008, 03:12:47 am #4 Last Edit: August 17, 2008, 03:58:13 am by Duckhead
Quotethis is one of the few albums I do not have and I can not afford to pay $200+ for it on eBay.  

TDogg - You can\'t pay or don\'t want to, there is a difference. All collections have a crown jewel and if they were so easily attainable then there would be no point in collecting them. By saying that you can\'t afford it is already admitting defeat, you\'ll never get a hard copy with that attitude. Put it out into the universe that you CAN afford one, get financially creative, have patience and you will be suprised with what follows. It may take a little time but that\'s how the saying goes... good things come to those who wait. Good luck on your quest.


That\'s on my "things i want list", along with certain Hot Wheels redlines from 1968-72. Someday.......