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Buckethead pickups

Started by cnine86, November 16, 2006, 05:06:15 pm

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Could anyone please tell me what pickups buckethead is currently using in his white les paul. thanks


I\'m pretty sure that gibson was custom made for Buckethead, so good luck trying to get the pickups in that guitar.


I\'m pretty sure they are DiMarzio but I don\'t know the xact models. Therewas an article about his Les Paul but I don\'t remember. You may want to call or email DiMarzio


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I would bet he uses so many different guitars and pickups that it just won\'t matter. I own about 26 guitars, most of which are electric. Name brand, not all they\'re cracked up to be. I buy a lot of pickups from parts brokers which means they\'re equal or greater quality, somewhat custom and a loooot cheaper.

Anyway the point is, you want to find pickups that compliment your guitar\'s sound rather than buying some celebrity guitarist\'s pickups thinking you will get the same sound. Sure some pickups will sound great no matter what you put them in but that\'s not always the case.

I\'m betting buckethead does a looooot of frankensteining. If you\'re interested, I know some great suppliers on ebay. My favorites to date have been thinblade humbuckers, quad rails and a few select humbuckers from my favorite brokers.


What type of sound do you get out of those PU\'s you mentioned?  I\'m assuming they are good for rock/metal?


He mainly uses Dimarzio X2N\'s, the ones with the covers though i\'ll shrug at. most likely to be dimarzios of some sort too.



under the guitar on the custom Gibson.

"the pickups are DiMarzio of some sort"

 What Gibson had to say about this Les Paul:
"As for the specifics on the guitar, you need to contact Buckethead. Please understand that we do not discuss the specifics of a customer\'s Custom Shop guitar with other people" They did say however that they hadn\'t seen the white metal hardware before, so I assume it was custom made for him.


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Quoteare x2n like emg 81\'s
X2N\'s arent active like the 81\'s.  The livewire set which are active were made by Seymour Duncan. They were made to compete with EMG active 81/85 set.


They look more like Super Distortions.
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Wires and Clips

Someone (obviously a gibson insider) said:

 the pickup\'s (which is what everyone seems to want to know)
neck p/u is a Dimarzio Tone Zone, bridge p/u is a Dimarzio Air Norton.


:O really? that gives me almost all the info I need to make a Bucket Paul :P
Where can I buy a luck bean?


Except for where to find the white guitar bridge. That\'s what I had difficulty finding.

(Btw, the X2N\'s are awesome, I picked one up a couple months ago, they have a killer sound/)


If I had to guess, I\'d say he probably got gibson to paint the bridge white, I forget if he has a white or gold tune-o-matic atm.

Question still remains what kind of tuners, body wood type, circuity, and exact paint color. Too bad I can\'t find the strap.
Where can I buy a luck bean?


They use to be on ebay.  Thats where I got mine.