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"The People Speak"

Started by sngwthme, January 25, 2008, 05:18:39 am

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Earlier in the month several well know individuals participated in an event produced and hosted by Howard Zinn called "The People Speak". Selections from Zinn's Books "A Peoples History " and "Voices of a People\'s History of the United States," were preformed and the event was video taped in hopes of being aired on television and distributed on DVD. We can all hope it will be picked up for such viewings, the more aware we are of the event the better, so spread the word. For the time being "ThePeopleSpeak08" have loaded video from the performances on youtube. TDRS recording artist Viggo Mortensen was among these performers. Below is a link to his performance as well as others that can be accessed from the same page.  I encourage everyone to view not only Mr. Mortensen's performance but also those of Marisa Tomei and Danny Glover. This is powerful stuff and we should never forget those in history who have spoken and left this behind for us to be reminded and hopefully learn from. Enjoy!


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thanks for the link. I had no idea about this event!
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Those were all awesome, thanks a bunch for the link, I had no idea this event was going on either


Excellent-I have both of Viggo\'s CD with Bucket. Powerful delivery-wish he ran for public office.


Here are a couple of links to gain a bit more info on the event itself.

However, If you are further interested in discussing,  "nuff_said" has kindly posted this topic in the Political and Social Thread also. A more appropriate place for discussion.;action=display;num=1201243079

(thanks nuff_said  :-*)


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Both of the CDs?  I thought there were three, pandemonium, other parade, and please tomorrow??  intelligence failure, make that 4

Chris DiCicco


the 5th This That and the Other is great, I like the track were Viggo coughs.

Chris DiCicco
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now i\'m really interested  ;D


Shouldn\'t this be "The People Sing"?  ;)

Travis, how about convincing Viggo to do a whole a capella vocal album? Tangos, polemics, chants, cowboy songs...whatever!! He\'s GOT the repertoire, it\'d be great to have him get it out there.
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