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vince dicola recommendation?

Started by Duckhead, December 20, 2007, 05:14:27 am

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What would be the best Vince cd for a new listener? Any recommendations? thanx!


Well... I think I\'ve bought every CD Vince has put up for sale here and... well, that\'s easy for me to say... I like them all very much. But if I had to choose, I would go for the album called "in - Vince - ible !".

This one shows every genre Vince has got to offer. 10 instrumental song\'s ranging from several movie soundtrack recording\'s to all round synthesizer songs. And another 8 song\'s with singer\'s.

What Vince has told me before is that this disc has got a bit of everything. I would go for that one.
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Chris DiCicco

my first was a video off the old Transformers DVD then I said \' ok its time to get some of Vince\'s Music so I started out with Falling off a Clef, then the Rocky 4 soundtrack and the Transformers soundtrack then I came back here a got In-Vince-able which is awesome! Duckhead, listen to Mixmaster they know what they\'re talking about.

Chris DiCicco
The Exosphere  2013


I have to say, Chris, that \'falling off a Clef\' holds some amazing pieces of work made by Vince. The \'Castle of the Gods\' suite in the beginning of this album simply blows my mind. Another song on that album wich has got a special place in my favourite section is that song called A.P.B. where he both plays the keyboards and Drums. This man is super talented.
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Too bad Vince DiCola\'s score to Transformers: The Movie, the albums "Til All Are One" or "Lighting their Darkest Hour" isn\'t currently for sale here. Maybe, it\'s just me, but I would recommend to everybody that wants to hear his work to start with The Transformers... :)

BTW, speaking of LTDH. Does anyone know where one can buy a copy? It\'s the only one I don\'t have on CD. :(


January 03, 2008, 08:10:28 pm #5 Last Edit: January 03, 2008, 08:11:12 pm by Mixmaster
It\'s the first music I heard from Vince... Transformers the movie from 1986. Sadly though, here in the Netherlands, it never got off the ground that well. I believe the album you are talking about is the double disc Transformers the movie Ultimate Score. What I\'ve heard and read on the internet, that perticular album was sold only at the American BotCon. Sadly though it\'s not for sale anymore and only god knows how much I would like to have that one in my collection to.

Someone told me to go onto ebay to find it, but then I might end up with either a copy of the origional or a used one... that\'s not where I wish my money to go... I\'d rather buy it here cause this is the place where I get value, quality and worth for my money.

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From everything I was able to gather, the "Ultimate Score" version is a bootleg or homemade CD-R made up from all of these Transformers releases. As far as I am aware, Til All Are One is the only two CD set I know of and the first disc is Stan Bush songs, with the second disc being the near complete score. It\'s missing the score on the OST however. I own it and it\'s quite good...

That said, Lighting their Darkest Hour is the complete score, adding the OST score tracks, but removing Legacy, the demo that Vince DiCola used to get the scoring duties for the film. Not sure if anything else was removed from the other release though.

That all said, am I the only one who would like to see an official 2/3CD set with the entire complete song/score release, perhaps with all of the alternates in chronological order? I know I would buy all these again if one were to be released. Probably would even be willing to pay a pretty penny for it as well! :D


January 20, 2008, 01:04:22 pm #7 Last Edit: January 29, 2008, 06:54:49 pm by Mixmaster
My answer... no you\'re not. Cause I would want that to. These are exactly the disc\'s you are talking about. It\'s the only recording that isn\'t in my collection yet. I hope everyday that they would do a reprint of this recording. Then I would buy it immediately.

The reason why... This soundtrack shows not only the skills and techniques of Vince, but also the complexity of his music. It\'s more then just music, it\'s an art form.
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