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Final cut on Decoding the tomb of....

Started by rainmaker2112, November 11, 2007, 10:15:26 am

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Not sure if Bucket ever reads the forums, but I just wanted to say that the final cut "Sail on Soothsayer (In Memory of Aunt Susie 1932-2007) is a beautiful tribute to a family member who obviously meant an awful lot.

Bucket:  Sorry for your family loss, but Aunt Susie floats on the sound of your strings as this is played throughout the world!  Listening to this draws out so much emotion from me of the loss of numerous family members (dad, brother, grandparents).  Thanks for another great CD and especially this final track!


i recently lost a loved one. Very near and dear. Extremely painful.

I too have found comfort in both Sail on Soothsayer and Track 4 (Cyborg Slunks), and i too, say,

Buckethead - thank you.
Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. -Plato


Decoding the tomb ofthe Bansheebot...again Buckethead amazes me! Wonderful Cd all 13.
when I reach Sail on Soothsayer...the expression is overwhelming and hits deeply...tears well up, and I lose it everytime...feelings beyond words in any dictionary.

Thank you Buckethead...
for digging deep and for every soulful note shared...
The music speaks tremendous feelings...
Aunt Susie...dear Soothsayer....sails on...

energy conducts music and  fuels our souls...
energy is infinite, and transforms.


Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.


Man, the original Soothsayer is my second favorite Buckethead track, I bet the newest one will be just as amazing.


I just got my copy last night!!! I got a few other cds and this was the first i listened to out of all of them. I tried listening to my other cds but always find myself taking out and inserting Decoding the tomb of Bansheebot. I love this cd. It actualyl surprised me how awesome it is. Checkerboard Incision is just intense. He literally pulls the heart out of the guitar and bleeds it into a beautiful masterpiece.