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Merry Christmas...and Happy holidays

Started by ZQ, December 01, 2007, 12:40:59 pm

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December 01, 2007, 12:40:59 pm Last Edit: December 01, 2007, 07:11:55 pm by ZQ
it has been a wild ride full of surprises and celebrations through out the year thanks to Buckethead and Travis...enormous undertakings...ISOT...personalized DCK, Cyborgslunks and the re-release of Blueprints personalized too...Pepper\'s Ghost, Acoustic Shards, Kevins Noodle House...Decoding the tomb of the brain is frozen...I think I missed a few but every one and every bitz amazing tasty treats Wonka Wedges ...and of course the wonderful expressive paintings!!! The time and effort...the headaches and going psycho I please us...and the FUN auction that zoomed to the sky YAY! disembodied and head hasn\'t stopped spinning.  :D weeeeeeeee! AND....NOW gory glee!! the announcement of Chicken Noodles II!!  :o happy headstumps...pampered and well fed fans beyond imagination!!

it\'s maybe a little early but it\'s the season to be extra jolly...

THANK YOU Buckethead and Travis from the bottom of my bloody the top of my gory headstump for going the distance and beyond.

TDRS is a wonderful place and Travis you are super great!  :D I am happy I fell into the forum in Feb.
I scrambled this out from my meaty brain last year...
Happy Holidays to all...  :)

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
this bucketbot wishes thee

Twelve Leatherfaces sawing,
Eleven Sallys screaming
Ten Bloody hearts a-pumping,
Nine Axes hacking,
Eight machetes massacring,
Seven knives for stabbing,
Six chickens a-laying,

Five SHINEE meat hooks!

Four Cut off heads,
Three Severed hands,
Two Gorey head stumps,
And a Giant Robot and a Bruce Lee!

Merry Christmas!

Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.



Itchy Wah


Very clever ZQ, happy holidays everyone! Especially to Travis and Buckethead for all of the hard work they\'ve done! :)
The Black Album #375 Bucketheadland Blueprints #19 Buckethead Painting Print 3 #3 Cyborg Slunks #3


naw.. not too early.  heck it\'s Dismember.. uh December already.

Hope you ALL have happy holidaze
ho de ho ho ho
fa la la la la
la funk funk funk!

(yeah, you guessed it.  dug out Christmas is 4 Ever today!  watch out for that shaving cream.)

Truth:  it's OK if they don't understand.  if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine.


Happy Holidays ZQ, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. It has been a great year hasn\'t it so much to be thankful for.
Be true to yourself you can't go wrong.
Mr Bocbacoc
ISOT-206 BP-17 DCK-228


Bad Idea or Terrible Idea?

I have tons of bad ideas. This one was inspired by ZQ. With the bombardment of mostly bad holiday music I was thinking it would be great if Buckethead made a Christmas album. Since most of the songs are public domain there would be no problem just changing the titles a little, for example:

Have Yourself a Bloody Little Christmas
Buckethead Is Coming To Town
I Saw Mommy Kissing Leatherface
Silent Slunk
Hark, the Herald Chickens Sing
Oh Come, All Ye Bucketbots
Sliver Scraps
Rudolph the Red Nosed Robot

whaddya think?