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Secret Recipe DVD announcement

Started by Travis, May 02, 2005, 02:04:02 am

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Hey travis will you tell us how many names are on the list at 7:00pm???


please tell me i put my name down before 7 pm your time. it was before 7 pm my time!!!!


gimmie gimmie!
kill at will.



Please get me in the mix!!! I just got the info right now and made my $50 donation to Buckethead
Tony Lang
Las vEgas NV


I know I confused more than one person with my announcement but I had hoped I cleared it up in the next 2 messages in this thread. Donations after I made the announcement wont get you a pass. I gave it to those who donated before this announcement as a reward for altruistically giving a donation and I can\'t accept a donation as a condition of buying the DVD, that amounts to an auction and that\'s the kind of thing we are trying to avoid. I appreciate your donation and it my reap you rewards down the line but it\'s not fair to everyone else who have and are going to submit their names for the next drawing. I hope you understand. I will be happy to credit back your donation if you misunderstood, let me know. In the meantime this Sunday I will reopen the list for sign ups, go get on it and good luck.


Hey Travis.....thanks for your reply!!! I sent you a PM that will show you that I actually made a GIANT donation last July. I think that would fit me in the "reward for altruistically giving a donation" department!!!!

Anyway, I will play by the rules because what you are doing is fantastic!!!

Much thanks!!!!

Tony L


First off.. Travis you are GOD.. I mean I can\'t believe Secret Recipe is here finally!  I just paid for mine !!!
dude I gotta say man I strongly support you and
Buckethead man and when you guys collaborate
the music rocks!!!!!!!! I just wanna add one more thing .. your service is awesome too usually when I order cds and stuff its out to my home quick as hell..

keep up the good work