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Started by Ultimate_Slab, July 27, 2007, 02:50:27 am

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to all knowledgable Buckethead fans:
first i wanna say new around here. i like the drums heavy metal and a good beer. anyway im wondering...
what is buckethead\'s heaviest album? what albums would you classify metal? also is colma jazzy or is it the same as the rest of his stuff? i have a fair few of his songs and i want to get some of his albums. I dig funnel Weaver and colma so can u make some suggestions?
ultimate slab


Welcome to TDRS, I\'m pretty new here too.

Anyway, supposedly if you like Colma you\'ll like Electric Tears from what I\'ve heard. Of those two I\'ve only heard Electric Tears so I can\'t judge.

Monsters and Robots is supposed to be pretty heavy and I have Giant Robot and I think it\'s really good and heavy enough.

Sorry I couldn\'t help much though...


no worries. i heard CCFH is his most heavy stuff. so is colma jazzy? i really wanna hear some jazz from him. also..crime slunk scene and peppers ghost...what genre would you categorize them as? heavy or soft? catchy?


Like I said, I\'m pretty new to him. The only albums I\'ve heard are: Giant Robot, Electric Tears, Population Override and I just bought Pepper\'s Ghost online. Many people call Electric Tears "Colma 2" so assuming it\'s like Colma, Colma will be slow, calming and melodic.

Yeah, if you just want his heavy stuff, Giant Robot and Monsters and Robots would be your best bet.

Try out both sides of Buckethead, slow and melodic, and heavy and fast. You may find that you like both ways he plays and start buying everything by him, like I\'m doing as I earn money.


Get CCFH that is by far the heaviest. Colma is amazing acoustic. Electric Tears isn\'t a "colma 2" totally different and the same at the same time. Colma has drum beats and what not. Electric tears is straight forward guitar. Acoustic that is.


Cuckoo Clock of Hell, Inbred Mountian, Kaleidoscalp and Isle of Lost Minds are all pretty heavy, but I guess it depends on what you mean by heavy.  You might also consider The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock, Crime Slunk Scene, or Pepper\'s Ghost.  Population Override is probably about as jazzy as any.  Personally, it might be my favorite album.


Get The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock, it may not be as heavy as TCCOH but in my opinion its by far better. Plus it has some heavy songs on it like Final Wars and Baseball Furies.

You should also consider Inbred Mountain.


thanks for the advice. Is Crime Slunk Scene and Peppers Ghost his most straightforward and rocky work? im about to download them from here but im not sure yet.

Wires and Clips

Jazzy - Population Override, some Thanatopsis.

Heavy - CCFH(his heaviest stuff), Bucketheadland2 has some great stuff inbetween vocal bits, Inbred Mountain (Especially the last Track). Island Of lost Minds has some heavy riffs too, but you should only check that out if you have a taste for the psychotic :D.  

Colma and Electric Tears are the mellower side of bucket.
Colma has drumbeats, Electric Tears Doesn\'t. ALOT of effects on ET, more natural sounds on colma(cello and viola on two tracks)  


I\'ll tell you this, don\'t buy BucketheaLand 2. It\'s complete crap IMO.

Wires and Clips

Quotethanks for the advice. Is Crime Slunk Scene and Peppers Ghost his most straightforward and rocky work? im about to download them from here but im not sure yet.

Both of those albums are amazing. Peppers Ghost has a more Rockin\' feel, while Crime Slunk Scene Is a mix of rocking and Buckethead antics.


Jazz Fusion BH albums include Arcana - Arc of the Testimony (amazing!) and Octave of the holy innocents with Hellborg (also excellent).  Chicken Noodles with BH and Travis is kind of ambient Jazzy too.
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July 27, 2007, 09:47:32 am #12 Last Edit: July 27, 2007, 09:48:03 am by Matthew
QuoteI\'ll tell you this, don\'t buy BucketheaLand 2. It\'s complete crap IMO.

HUH? I love Bucketheadland 2!




HUH? I love Bucketheadland 2!


I do too, but it is not for everyone.  It is meant as a tour of Bucketheadland and has some amazing songs on it, but is not music from start to finish so I think that is why some people hate it.  Oh well, to each his own.  I think it is worth it for Frozen Brains alone, but that\'s just me.


July 27, 2007, 01:47:44 pm #14 Last Edit: July 27, 2007, 02:48:27 pm by ZQ

HUH? I love Bucketheadland 2!


 ;D me too!!!

Fun fun fun...and magnificent creativity...abusement park of delimbed delights and fun frights...fueled by Bucketheads imagination!
L-O-V-E it all! BH2 not for everyone (?) possibly.  my opinion...those who decided after once through that it wasn\'t something they cared for...ought to approach the gate once more...use thier their psyche for FUN...and the great rides...there is magic captured in Bucketheadland 2...beyond Frozen Brains ...lots of goodies...and special guests...and if you can get past ALBERT...YAY!  ;) hehe... I LOVE to sing along too!  :D

P>S> UlimateSlab... :D
If you like Funnel Weaver and Colma...I am thinking you will love everything in between...i know i do... ;D
When i started wandering the park i just started to pick and choose the rides...seriously...each one is a thrill...a chill...or takes my breath away! Have fun...wander...there is no map...i love being lost in Bucketheadland!  ;D

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! ;D


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