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If I order a CD today from this website

Started by GirTheRobot, July 27, 2007, 12:06:03 am

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And I use regular shipping, will I get it by next Wednesday? I\'m leaving to Oregon for 6 days next Wednesday(I live in Phoenix Arizona) and I want something new to listen to on the plane ride.

So, do you think I\'ll get it by then? I really need to know before the end of the day so I can order it.

Thanks guys and I\'m getting Pepper\'s Ghost by the way.


It should be there. Stuff from TDRS is amazingly fast.


My mom just told me that we\'ll actually need it by Tuesday because we\'re leaving early on Wednesday. Should I just order it now anyway?


I just bought it, hopefully I\'ll get it by Tuesday.


I usually get stuff within 3 days of ordering, and I\'ve heard other having similar experience.  It\'ll be close, but you\'ll probably get it.


So I should get it by Tuesday then? Thanks.