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Elephant Mans Alarm clock or Inbred Mountain?

Started by Wires and Clips, April 04, 2007, 08:01:20 pm

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QuoteI like Inbred Mt. better.  Of course EMAC is great, but IM is just one of the best albums ever.  It\'s more of a concept album, though, so you have to be ready to go on the ride, if you know what I mean.  

+1  ;D


357 has vanished.  his cd\'s must have arrived.
Truth:  it's OK if they don't understand.  if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine.

Wires and Clips

yep. these are great! on IM i love flock of slunks and escape from inbred mountain. i like Gigan and the second part of fizzy lipton drinks on EMAC


Quoteyep. these are great!

we toldjuh!

Quoteon IM i love flock of slunks

that song hardly gets the credit it deserves. I usually see it overshadowed by Lotus Island and Plastination Station by other bots.

Quotei like the second part of fizzy lipton drinks on EMAC

yeah, that\'s some serious funk, huh?!


Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. -Plato

Wires and Clips

well i love the solo at the end of flocks.... it has a nottingham lace feel to it thats just great.

and the second part of lipton drinks proves that good things come to people that can wait through 3 minutes of silence


hahah, you wait?!

I removed the silent gap between the funk shard and Lipton Drink and made it a seperate track, then burned a new cd with the funk shard being track 14. I know it\'s not how the ride was originally intended to be ridden, but man, sometime\'s i just gotta have my funk right away! Also, this burned disc saves my original copy a lot of wear and tear, cuz EMAC is one slab i listen to a LOT!
Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. -Plato

Wires and Clips

i just download bought SOTS. i totally didnt expect this kind of music. its like....... idk... buckethead is definitely showing his music mixing skills. i love "my sheeetz" and "burlap curtain". some tracks just seem like techno mixes (ex: knockingun) and while they sound cool, they dont have any guitar shredding  :(. im still happy with my purchase though. buckethead is amazing!


That is one hell of a hard question!!! I love em both!  ;D


I cant stop listening to either
id have to choose inbred mountain
it always paints vivid pictures in my mind when i listen to it
and the wailin on the guitar is insane


They\'re both cool, but if I had to choose...

IM - I think it\'s a lot more focused.


June 04, 2007, 03:10:26 am #25 Last Edit: June 05, 2007, 08:26:35 pm by Dufmandinga
dude u should buy every bucket album on here

 they\'re all interesting and good listeninsssssssssss

if u don\'t like long songs: BUY FUNNEL WEAVER there isn\'t a track more than 2 minutes and theres 40 plus tracks AND THEY ALL RIP