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Crime Slunk Scene repressing

Started by Travis, February 06, 2007, 01:43:29 am

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Just got my copy today, time to go listen to it.  ;D


Mine just arrived, really cool stuff, especially soothsayer.


sorry guys figured this post would be better suited here rather than all new thread..
real quick questions folks regardings the IOLM repessings and CSS repressings I know most of the artwork is the same for these..however I was wondering for instance with IOLM repressing the album cover changed...did the cd top change as well?? and also what about CSS...did the cd top change or is it still suposedly a picture of buckethead younger or am I mistaken on that.. I heard its actually p-sticks..


April 10, 2007, 03:10:47 pm #48 Last Edit: April 10, 2007, 03:16:51 pm by DR5150
The album cover for CSS is still the same as the original I believe, it\'s the same picture in the store as it\'s always been. The CD cover is a picture of some guy with glasses, I don\'t know who it is... Never looked into that.

As for IOLM, I beleive the cover changed, but I wasn\'t a fan of Buckethead way back then so I never got the original album. I didn\'t even know it was repressed, but that would explain why the picture for IOLM is different in the store than the one in the download store. I\'m guessing the picture in the Download Store is the original, and the on in the regular store, the copy I have, is the repressed one. Hopefully someone who\'s been around longer can shed more light on the subject. Hope I helped though :)


hehe only one way to find out.. I guess I\'ll buy the repressing. I own the original.. just curious thats all..always been a nut for 2nd pressings.. reminds me of the days when I used to purchase comics..


Just register here on the forum and ordered ISOF a few days ago. A repressing of Blueprints sounds awesome  ;D

Seen CSS up on ebay but I\'m short of cash after getting the full ISOF set so I gotta save my pennies first. But repressing of both are a fantastic idea.

Great job here Travis  ;)


Crime Slunk Scene has already been re-pressed and is available in the store now.