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Crime Slunk Scene repressing

Started by Travis, February 06, 2007, 01:43:29 am

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What happens to the rights of an album when label dies out?  Somebody has to own them I assume.  You would think a if a label dies out they would want to sell the rights to the album if possible to make some $$$.  Does Catalyst still exist?  They made Bermuda Triangle and El Stew - The Rehearsal and maybe other BH albums.
Right, someone has got to own the rights to that.  But how or where would you go to find out who?


The preorder numbers are starting to shoot up, this is looking pretty good.


Indeed they are! 41 down, 59 to go.  ;D


just curious. how many copies will be printed? not just 100, I assume...


I don\'t know actually. When we get to 100 pre-orders it says that they will be shipped, but I\'d be willing to bet that they\'d be willing to print up a couple extra if the orders surpass that.

I\'d pre-order just to ensure that you get a copy if you haven\'t already. I\'m not going to miss out this, I had mine pre-ordered a long time back. After all, you never know if they\'ll re-print it a second time. Can\'t be too careful.


I ordered "Crime Slunk" and "Peppers Ghost", and went on multiple other forums to tell people to do so as well. I hit up the Guitar Hero board and a few people there seemed very interested indeed.

As you can tell, I love my Buckethead, and I simply cannot wait for either album!!


February 18, 2007, 02:57:47 pm #36 Last Edit: February 18, 2007, 02:58:35 pm by Slunker
Pepper\'s Ghost + the 13 cd In Search Of The = an unbelievably amazing month of March. I\'m looking forward to Pepper\'s Ghost like crazy, and I wish more and more people would pre-order Crime Slunk Scene so I can FINALLY get my hands on it.

It\'s a great thing you\'re doing, trying to spread the word on as many places as possible. Not only does this spread the joy of Buckethead to the world, but it also gives more money to Bucket (which, of course, means more money to produce more awesome music) and it speeds up the waiting process for Crime Slunk Scene as well. So, it\'s a winning situation for all.  8)

Oh, and welcome to the boards Solar! I\'m quite the newbie around these parts myself, but it\'s always nice to see new fans! Cheers mate!  :D


We are almost to 60, not too much longer guys...


QuoteWe are almost to 60, not too much longer guys...

Oh yes! SWEET! That literally sent chills down my spine, I can\'t believe I\'ll get my hands on Crime Slunk Scene a few weeks from now.  ;D

Come on now people, those of you who haven\'t got your pre-orders yet, this is the time. Only 41 more to go! We can do it! 8)


Also remember it\'s easier to push the button on a poll then on a buy button. That\'s why I\'m taking money in advance of the sale. Let\'s see what\'s  real. That money will go directly to the repressing. Also I\'ve been asked what if we get close but not quite to 100. That will depend on how fast we get close, if I see the trend positively I will be inclined to go ahead and repress.

This is a giant experiment, always was since I first started this site.  If this goes well there are lot\'s of things that might happen, your feedback helps.

Personally, even if I didn\'t already have Crime Slunk Scene (and most of the other OOP albums), I wouldn\'t put my money down weeks in advance in hopes of it getting repressed.

If you want to do an experiment, and want it to go amazingly well, I think you should seriously think about remastering/repressing the Blueprints.

CSS is just another CD that Bucket popped out for the tour. The blueprints are something totally unique and definately the rarest buckethead gem of them all (except for NTT, but I think I\'d rather have the blueprints tape).

I would give my money in advance without a thought for a remasted, hard copy of the blueprints. I think every single person who would be willing to do that for CSS would be just as if not more so willing to put down the cash for Blueprints.

I could go on and on about why I think this would be the greatest and most profitable idea, but I don\'t wanna bug ya too much.

All I can say is that I predict if you were to take preorders for the blueprints, you\'d be pressing them the next day.

Thanks a ton anyway for all this hard work on your part to get all these rare releases out to us. Nobody else does this.

If someone was to ask for a CD to be repressed for any other artist, or on any other site, they\'d get shot down, or no response. You fill pretty much any request a person may have, sooner or later.

Ok I\'m rambling, the whole idea of this remastering has got me excited. Time to smoke a bowl and listen to insearchof.

Travis, you the man.


You know what? I think we are going to do just that. Wait for the smoke to clear a little.


This is a reply to frump. I have agree with you about Travis and the crew,I have never had more of a connection than with Bucketheads music, and this site makes it all worth it. The personal touch is unbelievable. and yes to blueprints.
Be true to yourself you can't go wrong.
Mr Bocbacoc
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While I don\'t necessarily agree with everything that Frump said... for instance I think the re-pressings of CSS are an amazing idea for people like me, who didn\'t get a shot to get it the first time, to be able to get this gem and be able to fill this gap in their BH collection... I do agree that remastering the Blueprints would be an amazing step to take in this point in time. Take a rarity and make it more widely available, and at the same time give insight into the early days of the almighty Buckethead.

Travis, if this were to happen as the next "logical" step, I would literally worship the ground you walk. I would be thoroughly thrilled and would pre-order as soon as possible.


QuoteYou know what? I think we are going to do just that. Wait for the smoke to clear a little.

Ah man, I thought it was a long shot.. I sure as hell didn\'t expect you to reply with that answer within an hour (unless you were already about to post that). Can\'t say how much I\'m looking forward to this.. you fucking RULE man.

I sure hope you get around to some Thanatopsis gigs so I can thank you for all that you do in person.. plus live topsis would blow my friggin mind.