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Possibility of re-pressing Slaughterhouse?

Started by Slunker, March 09, 2007, 11:27:36 pm

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Hiya Travis!

Don\'t know if this has been mentioned anywhere, and if it has I apologize for starting a new thread on the topic, but I just saw on Wikipedia that Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse was recorded in your studio.

Well, since Slaughterhouse is currently out of print (and also one of the few Buckethead cd\'s I currently don\'t have), what are the odds of seing this album being re-pressed? I see that Slaughterhouse was released under Stray records, but does that company still exist or not? Since it was recorded at your place, is it possible to get hold of the rights to re-press it?

Thanks in advance!


only 1 track was

pin bones & poultry  &   additional guitars

the album was mastered at TDRS

im lucky enough to have it both on cd and double 12" vinyl and its great, although a bit wornout

stay records/dog day records have (i think in 2003) shut down


Ah, ok. I thought it was the whole album that was recorded there, thanks for the info on that.  :)

Oh well, since the record company has presumably shut down, maybe there\'s still some way to get hold of the rights then. I\'ll still keep my fingers crossed, Slaughterhouse is one of those Buckethead albums that has always eluded me.


The masters to this CD are not owned by us. It is one we are looking at to work something out to offer it.



Excellent Travis!

Your reply really made my day there, and I truly hope you will be able to work something out, that would be very sweet indeed. Slaughterhouse is maybe the album I\'m looking out for the most, and I still haven\'t been able to get hold of a copy without having to spend a huge sum of money.

So, I\'m keeping my fingers crossed for this one, it would be unbelievably cool if this one could be re-pressed.



If this got repressed, it would make a lot of bots extremely pleased!
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