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New 13 Vol Buckethead CDs

Started by Mozy_Bot, February 13, 2007, 11:45:39 pm

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Oh, and I was joking about the whole "Tunnel" thing

I didn\'t get it, but thanks for the info.


Travis - redwingfan1234 - just posted the following on TK:

Wha?! Is there a new TK? I haven\'t been able to find any info on what happened with all that..


Yeah, you can\'t get it from the front page, but you can get to it from here.



thanks for providing the info to .tk to Frump. Hadn\'t seen him around in a while.

Anyway, this whole 13 vol Slab thing is such a mystery right now. I wonder how long it will drag out, and if mysterious is just how it\'s supposed to be. Either way, it\'s really exciting.

Just when you think Buckethead is indeed a robot that goes without sleep because he releases two or three albums in a year, he goes and releases 14 albums in the first three months of 2007 :o :o

Maybe the new batch of wedge is re-printed rides? It\'d be otherworldly to have El Stew - The Rehearsal, or Giant Robot NTT, Day of the Robot, etc (x\'s 13)
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Hey Travis, sorry to be buggin\' ya but I (and from the looks of things, so could a lot of others) sure could use some more info on these here \'wedges\'. $200 is a bit steep to throw at something you don\'t even know what it really is, so a bit more info on the contents would be most helpful.  ;)


February 14, 2007, 01:49:01 pm #20 Last Edit: February 14, 2007, 01:53:17 pm by Mozy_Bot

Travis - redwingfan1234 - just posted the following on TK:

Ok, this is farfetched, but is it possible travis\'s site has been hacked?

Obvious reasons:
1- There are 13 new Buckethead CDs that are somehow shipping before Peppers Ghost
2- There are 13 new Buckethead CDs
3- Individually, each CD costs 20 bucks. That\'s 5 dollars more PER CD than he charges every other day of the week for any other CD. Oh, and there\'s 13 of them.
4- Domestic shipping comes to $6.50. On Travis\'s site, it normally costs $3.00 to ship a single CD
5- Absolutely no information given about these CDs. (Obviously we as fans are pretty much blind as to the style of upcoming Buckethead CD\'s, but this doesn\'t even specify whether each of the 13 is a full length CD, which would seem like an absolute necessary detail to include considering I could buy 480 cans of Golden Anniversary Beer with 200 bucks, which would satisfy my beer needs for a few months).

Less obvious/meaningful reasons:
1- Travis\'s order form has slightly changed. For instance, you always used to be able specify a title for yourself when entering your address (I was always "Dr." Chris, haha).

Can you validate this for us?

Somebody called Travis because of technical difficulties buying the new wedge set and Travis validated that this is not a hoax.
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Oh my. I just got back in front of my computer since posting the box set yesterday. I knew there would be a lot of questions but...
I\'ll be posting more here in an hour or so and I\'ll see if I can get some more info.
But first I can say this. It was posted yesterday because it was the right day of the month. Little information was given, (to me) about this. This is not unusual for music that comes from the coop. I\'ll try to answer as many questions that have been posed here as I can, let me see what I can find out.


I kind of like the mystery aspect of it.  Reminds me of the old days of getting Buckethead stuff.  Anyone remember when CobraStrike came out?  Damn,  yo!  That ripped our skulls off.


February 14, 2007, 04:24:38 pm #23 Last Edit: February 14, 2007, 04:25:12 pm by Slunker
QuoteI kind of like the mystery aspect of it.  Reminds me of the old days of getting Buckethead stuff.  Anyone remember when CobraStrike came out?  Damn,  yo!  That ripped our skulls off.

Oh, I personally agree that this kind of mystery surrounding these sort of things definitely intensifies the suspense.. but we\'re talking $200 here (if we buy the lot, that is). I mean, if this was one separate album selling for $15-20, I would jump on it immediately. No questions there.

But, being a relative Buckethead newbie and still wanting to get hold of as much Buckethead stuff as possible, I kind of want to find out just a little bit more about it before I go ahead and buy it. If I\'m buying this, I don\'t want to buy a couple, I want the WHOLE THING. Who knows, maybe they\'ll sell out instantly? So, even though I probably won\'t be able to afford it I\'ll probably still buy it anyway. But, like I said, I\'m not going to buy it just because it\'s from Buckethead. Call it an incentive, but I just want to know what I would be spending $200 on. After all, it\'s just not petty cash. At least not to me.


But, being a relative Buckethead newbie and still wanting to get hold of as much Buckethead stuff as possible

I\'m not going to buy it just because it\'s from Buckethead.

Kind of contradictory statements there...

Just F*ing with you.  I can understand not wanting to buy sight unseen.

Hey Travis!  Is this the box set that was announced back in \'01?


Yea, Im gonna wait for some more info on it before I shell out any money.  Each CD is just listed as a letter and thats all we know.  Not to mention 20 bucks each.  :P


February 14, 2007, 05:42:37 pm #26 Last Edit: February 14, 2007, 05:50:02 pm by admin
O.K. I just got a chance to read through this thread.

My thoughts are just that, I have no real inside info here but I can give you something as it relates to the practical store part of this.
This is 13 individual volumes, you don\'t have to buy the whole thing. I\'m a bit surprised at how many are talking about doing that.

Why is it $20.00 a CD rather than the regular CD price. Because this is not a regular CD. It\'s hand made, hand burned. The cover is whatever is deemed to be written on it. This is not a manufactured deal, each one is different and will be numbered and monogramed. No two of these will be the same. I have never heard of an artist doing something like this. This is as direct from the artist to the fan as I have ever heard of.

As far as the content, I don\'t know, but the mystery around it is no surprise.
Again, I can\'t speculate because I don\'t want to mislead anyone, I just don\'t know anymore.
My gut sense is this is a conceptual work, a piece of art. It could contain anything. If your uncomfortable about buying something you haven\'t heard or know nothing about then for heavens sake don\'t, wait till you do.

If all you know about it is what has been described and it seem intrinsically valuable to you then that makes sense to me.

I have had so many emails asking "what is it?", "should I buy it?".
Unfortunately I can\'t answer either of those questions.

I have been asked to post the CD\'s and was given what little information I gave you.  Personally I think this is pretty amazing but from all the questions I\'ve received I would just say, take your time and use common scene.

If there are anymore smoke signals from the coop, I\'ll pass them along.



Thanks.  Maybe I\'ll get one at a time.  The mystery of this keeps me interested.  I am all for experimental work.


Thanks for the info there Travis!

I guess I\'ll just have to wait and see come monday (when I get my money) what I\'ll do. If I\'ve got the money, I might order the whole thing. If not, I might order a few.

I\'m still very intrigued about the whole concept, though. It\'s neato.  ;D