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Important In Search Of The announcement

Started by Travis, February 21, 2007, 09:49:29 pm

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It\'s been brought to my attention that there is a discrepancy in the dates for shipping the Insearhofthe CD\'s. On the order page it says "available Feb 21" and on the front pages it say\'s "shipping feb. 23". I\'m afraid that\'s my fault for posting conflicting information. The 21st date is the day I\'m changing the status from pre-order to available. We are now ready to ship but the reason the actual ship day is the 23rd is because unlike any other releases we have done, this one is going to require some super human organizing and handling.

So to be clear, today is the end of the pre-order and the ship day is the 23rd. I realize now that posting the \'Available now" date was confusing.

This has been a wild ride. I expected there to be some full sets sold but mostly people would buy them a few volumes at a time and collect them.
Quite the opposite has happened and most bought the full set.
So obviously there is a lot of organizing to do and I want to eliminate any mistakes in packing and shipping if I can.

So Friday will be the first ship day. They will ship in the order of the invoice number, first come first serve. I expect we will get a lot of these posted Friday and most of the rest on Saturday. The sooner you placed your order the sooner it will ship, however I expect to be packing and shipping into next week.

As usual, we ship first class and priority US mail. Expect 3 to 5 days for delivery in the lower 48 states. International customers are going to have to be especially patient, normally it 7 to 10 days but because of the value of the orders there may be more customs delays then normal, so you may be looking at a few weeks before you should be concerned the order is lost.

This is the most unusual musical enterprise I have ever been involved in. Everything about it is different. This is a learning experience for everyone and as usual I will make every effort to see that all individual concerns are addressed.  I\'ll continue to post in this thread any new information as it becomes available. I also want to thank everyone who has responded and are participating in this totally unique endeavor.


Excellent, thanks for the update Travis!

I\'m looking forward to these like crazy, so it\'s nice that things are finally rolling. With the pending release of Pepper\'s Ghost as well, March is definitely shaping up to be an amazing month for Buckethead fans.

Also, I would like to tell everyone involved with this project, not only Buckethead but you Travis and all others who will be helping out with this massive project, that I\'m truly in awe of all of this. The amount of effort put into this must be tremendous, and I would just like to say that I am grateful for everything you have done and will do to ensure that all of us fans will be getting this.

I was quite surprised that so many ordered the full set as well. At first, I thought I would order maybe one or two, possibly three at first. I then got a little paranoid, thought that maybe they would run out (this was before it was revealed that they probably won\'t run out anytime soon), so I decided to go ahead and buy the whole thing in one go. Then, after browsing some Buckethead forums, it seems that the majority has ordered the full set.

Also, I don\'t care how long it will take for the international orders to reach their destination, and I doubt I\'ll care much about the customs fee once they get here. This is truly a gift to all fans, and things like time and money shouldn\'t interfere in the overall opinion of it. I\'ll most likely be checking my mail box starting this monday, even though I know it won\'t arrive just yet, just to make sure anyway. It\'ll be a few grueling weeks until it arrives, that\'s for sure.  ;D



Thanks for taking the time to update us Travis. We know you\'re busy. As always we appreciate your hardwork.

So hey! Can you get my set out first? ;)


WOW!  I hadn\'t checked the site since I pre-ordered Pepper\'s Ghost, and had no idea this was coming.  I just found out about the set and of course ordered it.  I am a bit overwhelmed with what an amazing thing this is.

Travis, THANK YOU!  

Also, I hope Buckethead knows how much this means to his fans.


awesome travis!i\'m glad to have had the chance to get something so special,and glad that yourself and bucket would be involved in such an awesome deed! ;D ;D ;D
i am a nincompoop mama said!


Travis could you mark the shipments to Canada as gifts? It will avoid custom\'s fees.


O.K. The first batch went out Yesterday. Some in California may even get theirs today. Next Batch goes out today, more Monday, Tuesday and so on.



Thanks to everyone that made it possible to pull off the super human organization and get these sets out to the loyalbots. Everyone at tdrs is just amazing.
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