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New Buckethead CD available for pre order

Started by Travis, February 03, 2007, 05:48:47 pm

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Nice! I was wondering whether or not Buckethead would release something new soon, so this is really cool news indeed! Already looking forward to it, and I\'ll pre-order as soon as possible.

So, any track list for the album that you\'d be willing to reveal to the fans, Travis?  ;)


A sample would be appreciated  :)  I\'d like to know what vein of music this cd is in before I order.

Thanks Travis


good news!!!  

now we only wait for your solo project, mr. dickerson... :)
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Great news Travis - you made my day!   ;D ;D ;D
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i should post here more often,but once i heard the news of this i just had to let ol travis know that:"i\'ve got the joy,joy,joy,joy down in my heart-where?-down in my heart toooo staaaay!!!"---after hearing about this ;D ;D ;D ;D!!!!
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Awesome news!!!!
Thanks. I just pre ordered  ;D


Travis, Thanks for the head\'s up! Any chance of maybe just a little slice of the wedge??  ;D 8)


AWESOME another Buckethead album I can add to my growing collection! I wont preorder it though because I don\'t want my other orders to be held back. Hopefully it won\'t sell out before I order it normally like Crime Slunk Scene did. I\'ll check everday for it\'s release so I don\'t miss out.

Chris DiCicco

is this a COMMON album or TDRS ONLY album.

Pepper makes a nice Ghost but I bet Salts lonely, oh yeah can\'t forget about \'N.....

Ha Ha Ha Ha

(fell out of Chair laughing at own dumb joke)

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This is wonderful news. I was a little bit nervous, placing my order, as i could see the digits i was typing in when giving debit card numbers, but it\'s tdrs, so i have nothin but the trust.

Thank you so much for the heads up on the Pre-Sale. I feel a bit bad about ordering Pepper\'s Ghost before HeadCheese, but oh well. Thanks again! :)
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Mmmmmm.. I just pre-ordered my copy of Pepper\'s Ghost last night, so now all I have to do is wait until the release for it to arrive in the mail. Gah, I can\'t wait! I never was the patient one.  ;D

Anyway, I\'m guessing I will do the same with the Crime Slunk Scene re-pressing as well. I\'ll pre-order it well ahead of time in order to secure a copy, as I don\'t want to miss out.


ahhhhhh man i cant wait 4 this ;D ;D bring on the buckethead!!!!!!!!