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Still lookin for Rocky IV Drago tune.

Started by dowzerr, February 24, 2005, 10:31:46 pm

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Hi all, I\'m still desperately in need of the tune that comes after "Living in America" in Rocky IV. It plays as you see Drago being elevated into the ring, very synthy and I would think its Vince DiCola for sure.
Can anyone help?


I think the name of the song is \'War\'. I have the soundtrack on casette from years back. And I believe Vince DiCola did it


No it aint "War" its far more evil sounding than that. You only hear about 40 seconds of it in the movie and its as Drago is entering the ring. I actually have a soundclip of it, I\'ll try and host it somewhere.


I have the movie, but I can\'t think of the song then. Maybe I\'ll have to watch it tonite.

Good Luck

Vince DiCola


That cue is called "Drago\'s Entrance/Main Fight" and happens to be one of my personal favorites from the score from a synth programming standpoint.  (And by the way, that was Casey Young doing the sound design.)  Unfortunately, that cue (along with all the other underscore cues) has never been made available.  The movie and record companies obviously never thought there would be enough interest in that material to warrant releasing it separately from the soundtrack (which featured mostly songs with only a few pieces of my score included).  As I\'ve said on this site before, I have a digital copy of all that material and if I can ever get the powers-that-be to grant me the rights to make it available, I will definitely post a notice here.

Thanks to all who continue to express interest in my earlier work.



Oh please pursue it Vince, I love that tune (even though its only 40 secs long)
I would buy it for sure, actually I\'d love to sample it and make a dance track out of it (with your permission of course)


thanks for answering all these questions, Vince!

I would also love to hear Training Montage intro. I bet you have a long version of that masterpiece somewhere.

also, the Hearts of Fire outro is amazing! as you can see, there is a lot of interest in that Rocky IV Score - please try to get it out fur us!

thanks again for Falling off a Clef - cannot stop listening to it. my entire family loves it. keep up the good work!

hope all is well,

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