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Started by Travis, November 16, 2004, 06:52:15 am

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November 16, 2004, 06:52:15 am Last Edit: November 16, 2004, 07:27:55 am by admin
This category is for posting on artists, music, and projects related to the studio, this includes about the music we make here or about studio technology. If you have comments or questions on anything having to do with TDRS this is the place to post it.

I moved a few topics to the new categories, if there are topics you would like to continue to discuss and you want me to move that topic to the new category so it won\'t get lost let me know and I\'ll move it.


ABSTRACT ART;  not easy to accept, not easily received, Where is the meaning? Whats the purpose ?    ABSTRACT MUSIC ;  We are much more receptive. The music of Buckethead is totally abstract, it represent only itself... Thanatopsis, Population override, ... the only message delivered is the musicians love for his instrument  and the audible abstract patterns  that he creates.  Would that the visual arts should be so readily received. No questions asked. Whats it about ?    And yet the art of Buckethead and Jackson Pollock are identical. It baths us in the love it delivers; directions not included.   DOD


D.O.D im just wondering, is there a limet to abstract music? obvislly abstract music isnt one of the most popular genre of music, Though saying that isnt most "diffrent" music classed as abstract?

And i do agree about buckethead being abstract, but i think Bucketheadland albums show this the best.


you know - i agree that abstract music is usually easier to accept, but Pax might disagree.  there was a long conversation a short while back on this - where in Pax declared that Please Tomorrow isn\'t music at all.

i remember people saying the same about many abstract artists who are now in the mainstream.  i think it may be more a regional cultural delay than a visual vs aural thing, what do you think DOD?

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