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Started by ADVJR, October 28, 2006, 03:30:08 am

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Does anyone have any information on Big B\'s current live set up? bingeandgrab have some outdated stuff on his gear but I\'m hoping someone has something more recent.

I thought I saw a Mesa Dual Rectifier on stage but I am curious to know what he is using to get the clean/crunch tone because Dual Rec\'s don\'t clean up that well when you turn your guitar volume down.


The crunch is from his Ibanez Tube Screamer, or at least thats what I remember when looking at his stuff from a recent concert I went to. If he doenst use that then he probably has his Mesa clean on chrunch. And he uses a triple recitfier so that might change so of that. He also has a MXR EVH Phase which is new...I cant remember anything else right off the top of my head. He had a lot of pedals I havent seen much of and cant remember the name of them. For delay he uses a Boss DD-3 or DD-6 and that sits on his head threw the effects loop. Bucket had as Rocktron rack mount (fairly sure of that) and latly instead of his normal cabinet (no idea what the brand is looks custom and theres just grills over the speakers individually) hes using marshall slanted cabinets again. Guitar wise he uses his Les Paul and a Yamaha Acoustic and sometimes his 6-string banjo. I think thats it and hope that helped! have any other questions Ill be more than happy to help


Reckon Buckets Live Gear is probaly changing all the time....Apart from that White Les Paul of course ;D