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Vince DiCola thread over at the Keyboard Mag Forum

Started by bax, February 12, 2005, 05:07:35 pm

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Vince - in case you are checking in, there was a thread started just yesterday over at the Keyboard Magazine forum regarding you and your work...  Here\'s a link to it:

Thread over at Keyboard Mag Forum

Just letting ya know...  I\'m sure you\'d be welcomed with open arms if you decided to put in an appearance and say hi over there - just extending an invitation if you are so inclined!  I\'m a big admirer of your work, and plan to order your solo and collaborative stuff from the store here real soon.  Keep up the great work, and please know that there are plenty of people out here hoping that you are able to be involved with the new Transformers movie!


Vince DiCola

Dear "bax",

Thanks for the link to the Keyboard Mag forum thread.  I played at the ALESIS booth at NAMM for a number of years and actually got to know David Bryce fairly well (David has been working for quite some time now with Music Player, a company that\'s associated with Keyboard in some major capacity).  It was nice to see David\'s post on that forum.

I have yet to be featured in Keyboard Magazine but remain confident that I will be granted an opportunity to talk about my work in that publication when the time and circumstances are right.  I met some of the guys from the magazine at one of the NAMM conventions and they were very cordial and complimentary.

Thanks again for the link and also for your kind words of encouragement.