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Praxis WATCH LIVE tonight 9PM Pacific time

Started by sngwthme, October 28, 2006, 09:47:19 pm

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October 28, 2006, 09:47:19 pm Last Edit: October 28, 2006, 09:53:21 pm by SNGWTHME
Hey all, Praxis will preform tonight at the Vegoose music festival here in Las Vegas.  I am heading down to the festival in about an hour myself but I couldn\'t go without letting you all know that YOU CAN WATCH IT LIVE at AT&T blue room. Here is the link I hope it works.  
Just get there and click on Vegoose to the left of the screen. There are alot of other bands playing  today and tomorrow so tune in.  I\'ll wave at the camera if I can. heehee...  


Ive just returned from the festival and I had such a great time. I can not express the fun.  But I do want to  apologise for any misleading I may have done regarding my headline that the Praxis showing at 9pm in the blueroom was live. Praxis actually played earlier in the day at I believe 1pm or so. The showing at 9pm was a replay of that preformance. So I apologise, but I do hope some of you were able to catch it. I understand it was awesome. But of course we know that it would be.
I was not able to attend the show this afternoon due to a prior commitment and believe me I am depressed about it but at least I will be able to see it on the blueroom archive. So if you missed it check back during the week and I am sure you\'ll be able to see it too.  I was able to see the Raconteurs, Touab Krewe, Damian Marley, Heard The Mars Volta, Was up front for The Killers and Tom Petty. It was all fantastick but had the most fun with The Killers.  

Steve McKagan



November 08, 2006, 10:32:53 pm #4 Last Edit: November 09, 2006, 01:48:27 am by d6
yessir! bernie, brain , bill and bucket!!

and we were there!!!

billetiptune, toons321, bburnett and myself! it was sweet but short.
still it was praxis!!

it was fun, it was fun, we had fun!!  

go here to get a few minutes..

and, courtesy of mr. toons321 cool vegoose pix
official hippie hell survivor