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Travis, i have a question about a songtitle

Started by .., October 10, 2006, 05:13:54 am

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i was looking at a pile of vhs that i have here that i want to get on dvd (im replacing vhs with time...) and i saw the vhs of "white heat" (amazing gangsters movie...and in the always beautiful film noir, watch it if u havent)

and as i saw that, i had axiology on the background...
so that brought this random thought of the night:

is the last song from axiology (top of the world ma) some kind of homage to that movie?

as those who have seen it know, one of the most popular lines of the movie (u know, one of those that people usually remember after watching a movie, or when someone talks about that movie) is : "made it ma! top of the world!"

maybe someone has already said/asked this and ive missed it...or maybe it has nothing to do with the movie and im just tired and making connections where theres nothing  ::)...but now i cant help but being curious  :P


You are correct, I named it for after the line in White Heat.