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TDRS in Indie Film?

Started by spencer, March 03, 2005, 06:17:27 am

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While listening to Please Tomorrow, I Really notice the potential the instrumental tracks have on movie soundtracks.

What is your standpoint on this Travis?  if someone contacts you wondering if they can use your guys\' music for a low-budget film and wanting your permission so he can submit it to film festivals, are you ok with that?

I\'m planning on filming a project of mine over the summer, and would really like to be able to use TDRS tracks, cuz without them, it\'d be me and my [sarcasm]awesome musical skills [/sarcasm] that would be put on the soundtrack.


I\'ve granted use rights for music I am the copyright holder of. Viggo\'s music is owned and controlled by Viggo\'s publishing however. A good rule of thumb is to contact the Harry Fox Agency for use rights to copyrighted music,