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Started by X, October 30, 2004, 03:59:03 am

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Hi Travis,

Just a plea for more Thanatopsis. 1 and Axiology have not left the rotation since I purchased and I would love to hear this stuff live.  More please, thanks.



Dig Than 1 & 2 - looking forward to 3. Just writing to thank you for some keyboards that don\'t sound cheesy. IMO not much really good keyboard stuff in (non jazz)music today (maybe some Wayne Horvitz...or David Borden in late 80\'s or Eno-Nerve Net). Don\'t hear alot of "out front" keyb\'s these days. Not like old school rock: Yes, Elp, Gentle Giant, Brand X, etc.  Not sure why that is really???
Bucket playing in different style is killer too. Drummer sounds great as well.....


Thanks Sean, I appreciate it.  

Chris DiCicco

Thanatopsis 1...

from what I herd around (here) that this was a heavy rock album but It feels more Freeform to me, I always sticking my head near the speaker to hear what that blip was/is and the keyboard playing that classic number? dynomite its like blended coffee or water into wine, just magicaly great but I have yet to really crank it, my hearing powers aren\'t what they used to be but, man oh man what a DEELIGHT.

alright tried not to sound to Mooshy or knocked out but does sound like I walking a thin line here.

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I am curious...I own all of the Thanatopsis and I noticed many times that there is a violin/viola sound going on (most notably in Final Reparation). I was curious if that is a sound effect or if that was an actual violin.

Thank You!


This page contains a lot of information on what instruments were used to make the Thanatopsis records.

This page contains some of my working methods


yea Travis, i for one really appreciate the in depth info on the songs & making of the albums.
i wish Bucket\'s releases had a more info available. i don\'t know if he\'s too busy, has no one to do that stuff for him or just part of his being "mysterious."
i mean i guess we "know" he\'s playing bass as well as guitar & when Monti\'s involved he\'s doing some bass, drums & the programming stuff.
i just like some details.

btw: keep up the thana\'s - some of my fav stuff!
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